Jinko Bifacial Tiger NEO PV Modules

The Jinko Bifacial Tiger NEO Solar Panel is an extra ordinary solar energy solution which meet exactly the unique requirements of Solar Energy systems In Pakistan. Jinko Tiger Neo Solar panels, the dual glass bifacial technology, are specially designed, engineered and developed to get sunlight with unmatched efficiency, even in cloudy days or rainy days too. Jinko Solar Panels long operational life and durability make them a great investment for both residential and commercial solar applications worldwide.

Mechanical Parameters – Jinko Bifacial Tiger NEO

Cell Type N Type Dual Glass

Number of Cells 144 (6 x 24)

Dimensions 2278 x 1134 x 35 mm

Weight 28 kg

jinko tiger neo solar panels

High Class Output Efficiency

Jinko N Type solar panels stand out with impressive efficiency, delivering higher electricity output compared to conventional panels. With an overall efficiency ranging from 21.48 percent to 22.26 percent, these Jinko solar panels, utilizing N Type solar technology, make sure maximum energy generation, making them a smart and efficient choice for Pakistani domestic and commercial solar sectors.

Performance Metrics

Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C

Maximum System Voltage 1000/1500VDC (IEC)

Maximum Series Current Rating 25A

Power Tolerance Rating 0-+3%

Temperature Coefficients Pmax (-0.30%/°C), Voc (-0.25%/°C), Isc (0.046%/°C)

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Warranty Period of Jinko Solar Panels

Jinko Solar Panels come with a professional output efficiency warranty, Jinko solar panels are providing true peace of mind to consumers. With a 12 year product warranty and an a long 30 year linear power efficiency warranty, Jinko N Type solar panels guarantee the long term output performance and reliability, making them a secure investment for the future and generations to come.


The advantages of Jinko N Type solar panels are abundant. Jinko Solar Panels Tiger NEO series are specially built to stand stable in any and all weather conditions and the Jinko solar panels resist potential degradation, proving continuous performance over the time. Moreover, with a 30 year linear power output limited warranty (Please remember this is a limited power out performance warranty only), Jinko Solar panels offer a long life energy power solution for years to come.


While the price of Jinko N Type solar panels may initially be higher than the other brands of traditional solar panels, but superior performance and efficiency of Jinko solar panels make them a worth while long term investment, do not worry about its little higher prices because you will get the benefits and peace of mind in the years to come.

Main Features

Jinko N Type solar panels boast advanced features such as SMBB technology, higher mechanical load capacity, and PID resistance. With Hot 2 technology, Jinko solar panels deliver the increase reliability and less degradation over the time. The slim and beautiful design of Jinko solar panels, anodized aluminum frame, and IP68 junction box take a part to their durability and excellent overall output performance.

Where Should Buy

For those interested in purchasing Jinko N Type solar panels, Soherwardia Solar Energy is the recommended choice. Soherwardia Solar Energy is well Known because of reliability and excellent service in the field of solar energy products and solar energy systems, Soherwardia Solar Energy offers these advanced panels at competitive prices.

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