INVT GD100-18KW Solar Pump Inverter


Embark on a captivating journey into the realm of solar innovation with the INVT GD100-PV series Solar Pump Inverter, specially curated for the sun-soaked landscapes of Pakistan. Support yourself for a hurricane of technological wonders that redefine the standards of solar pumping applications.

INVT GD100 Solar Pump Inverter Pakistan

Witness the metamorphosis of conventional solar pump VFD products as the GD100-PV series takes center stage. Behold its ability to optimise usability and performance, pushing the boundaries of applicable voltage levels and power range like it was never before.

Picture a tapestry where voltage levels gracefully dance between the realms of single phase and three-phase 220V, entwined with the majesty of three-phase 380V pumps. The power spectrum, a symphony ranging from a mere 0.4kW to a staggering 110kW, paints a vivid portrait of versatility.

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INVT GD100-18KW Solar Pump Inverter

GD100 PV Series Highlights:

Complete voltage level and power range

invt gd100 18kw solar pump inverter, Support single stage/three stage 220V, and three stage 380V sun based water siphon VFD, power from 0.4kW to 110KW

  • Simple to utilize

Just associate the photovoltaic board to the VFD, don't bother setting any boundaries, and the PV siphon can be consequently begun after power-on

  • Numerous assurance measures

It has insurance works, for example, PV over-voltage assurance, PV extremity turn around association caution, over-temperature programmed derating, and so on, which can actually broaden the existence of the item

  • High level MPPT calculation

Guarantee sun based power following proficiency can reach close to 100%

  • Support module

2.2KW and underneath models can be outfitted with support module to address the issues of low voltage activity, which can decrease sun powered charger setup and lessen client framework cost

  • GPRS remote checking

Upholds discretionary GPRS module, which can understand remote observing capability of PC website page and versatile Application

  • AC/DC exchanging plan

All series of items can understand programmed exchanging of PV DC info and lattice AC input, which can meet 24 hours of no consideration work

  • IP54 arrangement

Upholds IP54 grade bureau arrangements

Rated Output Power18.5 KW
Rated Input Current47A
Rated Output Current38A
Max. DC Input Current50A
Max. DC Voltage800 Vdc
Start-up Voltage300 Vdc
Best MPP Voltage550 Vdc

Technical Overview - INVT GD100 18.5KW Solar Pump Inverter

Now, let's unwind the intricate threads of the GD100 PV Series Features, a mosaic of technological marvels that will leave you in awe:

Delve into the labyrinth of comprehensive voltage levels and power ranges, where single phase and three-phase 220V, alongside three-phase 380V solar water pump VFD, unite in a harmonious blend. Picture the simplicity unfolding before your eyes – a seamless connection of the photovoltaic panel to the VFD, a ballet where parameters need not be set. As the curtains rise, witness the PV pump pirouetting into action, automatically ignited after a power-on encore.

Life Span of GD100 Solar Pump Inverter

But wait, there's more – a plethora of protection measures guarding this technological symphony. Imagine a shield encompassing PV over-voltage protection, an alarm for PV polarity reverse connection, and the graceful dance of over-temperature automatic derating. These safe-guards, like watchful sentinels, extend the life of the product, guaranteeing the adventure of life span.

As we ascend further into the crescendo, encounter the Advanced MPPT algorithm, a maestro orchestrating solar power tracking efficiency soaring to the zenith at 99%. Picture the Boost Module, a virtuoso in the ensemble, accompanying 2.2KW and below models. Its virtuosity lies in meeting the needs of low voltage operation, orchestrating a reduction in solar panel configuration and a serenade of reduced user system cost.

Behold the GPRS remote monitoring, an optional companion that opens the gates to a realm of remote monitoring. A tapestry where computer webpages and mobile apps intertwine, offering a ballet of technological harmony.

As the curtains gently fall, we unravel the AC/DC switching scheme, an encore where all series of products seamlessly transition between PV DC input and grid AC input. It's a performance that demands no intermission, a perpetual waltz catering to 24 hours of unbridled, carefree work.

And lastly, the denouement – the IP54 solution, an exquisite finale that supports IP54 grade cabinet solutions, ensuring a curtain call of protection.

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