6YC Submersible Motor Pakistan

6YC Submersible Motor Pakistan, this 6” submersible motor is specially designed to produce for energy efficiency and exceptional performance. The cutting edge 6YC Submersible Motor Pakistan is the example of excellent engineering and this 6” submersible motor meet with a wide range of water supply pumping systems requirements, including with the Industrial water pumping, Agriculture water pumping, Irrigational, fire fighting, and others.

Here we will describe the Main Features, The technical specifications and Big advantages of this Extra ordinary and excellent 6YC Submersible Motor Pakistan.

The Design Features and Technical Description

6YC Submersible motors have a lot of impressive features and specifications, and these excellent features put this submersible motor put it out from the competition. These submersible motors run at the speed of 2850 r.p.m (Running per minute), these submersible motors gives the optimal performance with great efficiency. The insulation class is “F” and protection grade of This submersible motor is IP 68, because of these extra ordinary features and its unique design this motor can stand even in the most challenging operating conditions.

Maximum Fluid Temperature and Well Diameter

This excellent performance submersible motor maintaining the ideal fluid temperature is important for the motor long life and peak performance. Qalseen pumps provided submersible motors are specially designed to make sure the excellent fluid temperature control, with a max limit of up to 35 Celsius. These submersible motors are compatible with tubewells or wells which have a minimum diameter of 6 inches but we recommend the minimum diameter of 8”, making very simple and easy the installation process and guaranteeing the compatibility.

Versatile Power Supply Options

We understand the importance of flexibility in the matter to power supply options. That is 6YC Submersible Motors offer both single phase (Single phase is always on demand), and three phase submersible motors. The single phase motors can be conveniently powered by 220-240V at 50Hz, while the three phase submersible motors operate carefully on 380-415V at 50Hz. This wide range of power supply options makes sure the easy integration into different electrical systems.

Start Control Options for Smooth Operation

Efficient and hassle free operation is a top priority of 6YC Submersible Motors. These 6” submersible motors come equipped with two start control options, direct start (1 cable) and star delta start (2 cables). These excellent start control options provide customized control based on specific operational requirements of the submersible motors. For added convenience, our motors can be paired with either a start control box or a digital auto-control box, enhancing functionality and ease of use.

NEMA Dimension Standards for Enhanced Compatibility

6YC submersible motors are according to the NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) dimension standards. This unique, easy and standardized design make sure the effortless integration and inter change ability with other NEMA compliant components. By following these industry standard, 6YC Submersible motors promote compatibility and versatility across a vast range of water pumping applications.

Robust Construction for Durability

We place great importance on the durability and longevity of our motors. The 6YC Submersible Motor external casing is manufactured from high quality AISI 304 stainless steel material, which is providing exceptional resistance to corrosion. The top chock and bottom support utilize the cast iron ASTM N0.30, further it is increasing the 6YC Submersible motor strength and durability. The motor shaft is mixture of AISI304 stainless steel ASTM 5140, ensuring resilience and reliability.

Additional Options Available

In addition to our standard offerings, we also provide several optional features. If your specific requirements call for different voltages or a frequency of 60Hz, we have you covered. This flexible approach allows this submersible motor to meet with the unique needs and this make sure the maximum customer satisfaction.

Achieving Unmatched Performance

The comprehensive range of features and specifications offered by our submersible motors positions them at the forefront of the industry. We have combined the great and cutting edge technology with an strong commitment to the excellence, this is resulting in a pumping system that beyond the expectations. Here are some reasons why 6YC submersible motors out perform the competition.

Enhanced Efficiency

6YC Submersible motors are designed for maximum energy efficiency. With best and excellent fluid temperature control system, compatibility with different power supply options, and the best start control mechanisms, 6YC Submersible motors reduce the energy wastage and increase the performance. By choosing 6YC submersible motors, you can enjoy cost savings and can take part to an environmentally conscious approach.

6YC Submersible Motor Pakistan

Reliability is the corner stone of 6YC submersible motors. With the unique construction, premium grade stainless steel materials, and accordance with the industry standards, 6YC Submersible motors continuously deliver the reliable and extra ordinary out put performance in any type of weather conditions. This is not the issue that you require 6 YC Submersible motors for water supply for domestic use, civil and industrial applications, or garden irrigation, these submersible motors make sure the un interrupted and dependable operation.

Longevity and Low Maintenance

Investing in our submersible motors means investing in long-term efficiency and minimal maintenance requirements. The combination of high quality and premium materials and excellent engineering makes sure that 6YC Submersible motors have a long lifespan. With the decreased downtime and cost savings options, 6YC Submersible motors offer reliability and cost effectiveness for all your water supply requirements.

6YC submersible motors are designed to offer exceptional performance, efficiency, and reliability. With the best fluid temperature control system, a range of power supply options and accordance with the NEMA dimension standards, 6YC Submersible Electric motors provide UN matched versatility and compatibility. By choosing these 6YC submersible motors, you can be confident in a steady water supply for wells, domestic use, civil and industrial applications, or garden irrigation.

Experience reliable and efficient water supply like never before with our advanced submersible motors. Trust Qalseen pump to meet your water supply requirements with the excellence and modern innovation. Invest in the latest and fabulous and modern technology and witness the difference in performance that is beyond the simple expectations.


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