TSM 585 Watts Trina Solar Panel


TSM 585 Watts Trina Solar Panel, The Trina Solar Vertex solar panels is a top and 1st  choice for anyone who is looking to use solar power. This Trina Solar Vertex Solar Panels, TSM-585 Watts Trina Solar Panel, is the best known and popular not only in Pakistan Solar Panel Market but it is the same popular in worldwide for being powerful and reliable. Its great for Residential Solar Energy Systems and Commercial Solar Energy systems.

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Main Specifications: Power and Efficiency

TSM 585 Watts Trina Solar Panel can produce between 585 watts of power. This Trina solar panels has a high efficiency of 22.0 Percent, which means in very simple and easy that it can turn more sunlight into electricity.

Size - 2384 × 1134 × 30 mm

Weight - 33.1 kg

Number of Cells - 132

Peak Power (Watts)585
Maximum Power Voltage (VMPP)39.5
Maximum Power Current (IMPP)14.82
Open Circuit Voltage (VOC)47.5
Short Circuit Current (ISC)15.68
Efficiency (%)21.6

Advanced Glass Technology

Trina solar Vertex solar panels Pakistan has strong and clear glass on both sides. The front glass is high transmission and AR coated to let in more sunlight. The back glass is also very strong.

Robust Construction and Design

Frame - Made of 30 mm anodized aluminum alloy, which is very strong.

J-Box - Rated IP 68, meaning it’s very resistant to dust and water.

Cables - Uses 4.0 mm² photovoltaic technology cable.

Connector - Comes with Staubli MC4 EVO2 or Trina Solar TS4 connectors for secure connections.

Operational Resilience

TSM 585 Watts Trina Solar Panel can work in extreme temperatures, from -40 to +85ºC. It can handle a maximum system voltage of 1500V DC (IEC/UL) and has a maximum series fuse rating of 35A.

Performance and Reliability - Long-Term Assurance

This module is designed to last a long time with minimal power loss:

First-year degradation - 1%

Annual power attenuation - 0.40%

Guaranteed Power Output (30 years) - 87.4%

Power Bifaciality - 80±5%, meaning it can generate additional power from the backside.

Certifications and Standards - A Benchmark of Quality

The Vertex module meets many important standards, including:


EU 28 WEEE Compliant

It also comes in recyclable packaging, showing Trina Solar commitment to the environment.

Features and Advantages - Elevating Solar Technology

The Vertex module offers many benefits:

High energy yield - Can generate up to 30% more power from the backside.

Lower costs - Reduces the overall cost of energy.

Lower temperature coefficient (-0.30%) and operating temperature - Performs better in hot conditions.

Minimized micro cracks - Uses special cutting technology to reduce cracks.

Excellent performance in low light - Works well even when sunlight is not strong.

Warranty: Comprehensive Coverage for Peace of Mind

Trina Solar offers strong warranties for the Vertex module:

Product Workmanship Warranty - 12 years

Power Warranty - 30 years

These warranties show confidence in the module’s quality and long life.

Solar Power With Trina Solar Panels

Trina Solar Vertex Bifacial Dual Glass Monocrystalline Solar Panels Pakistan,, TSM 585 Watts Trina Solar Panel,,, is a great choice for anyone looking to use solar power… It is powerful, efficient, and long life solar panels with the features of high energy conversion efficiency. It is best suitable for your home, business, or a large solar panels systems, this Trina Solar Panel will deliver the best reliable energy for many years.

By Investing in the Trina Vertex solar panel means in a simple way that using the latest in solar technology to help create the greener planet. Experience the benefits of advanced solar power with Trina Solar.

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Bi Facial Dual Glass


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