Tesla Infinity 3KW Hybrid Inverter Pakistan


Tesla Infinity 3KW Hybrid inverter Pakistan, in the fast growing and developing landscape of energy on the board, one very popular name which rules, it is the Tesla. Tesla PV is famous for its research and development in energy sector. Tesla PV introduces the best of the best, Tesla Infinity 3KW Hybrid inverter in Pakistan.

This solar inverter is a particular benefit in the space of energy upgrade. Tesla infinity 3kw hybrid inverter is different than the conventional or traditional solar inverters, this tesla inverter offer wide response for viable energy usage and limits.

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Tesla Infinity 3KW Hybrid Inverter

Tesla Infinity 3KW Hybrid Inverter Pakistan, The base of Tesla infinity 3kw hybrid inverter is to increase your solar systems efficiency and provide you the best efficiency from your solar energy system. Tesla Infinity 3KW Hybrid inverter is a demonstration of high quality, cost effectiveness, energy efficient, reliable, and specially in the benefits of you.

Hybrid Functionality

As the world's first hybrid inverter, which offers you to run your solar energy system, as hybrid. This is in simple meanings this Tesla Infinity 3KW Hybrid Inverter, offers you to run your solar energy system as an off-grid solar energy system or if you want to reverse your excessive (generated by solar panels) to the national grid.

ModelInfinity 3KW
Touch Screen2.5"
WifiSupports Wifi
Dimensions120x295x468 (mm)
PV Capacity4500W
Inverter Capacity3000W
Output PortDual

Battery-Less Operation

Unlike conventional solar inverters setup that relies completely on batteries, this  modern and innovative inverter use advanced load management technology system, this inverter enable efficient operation with or without batteries.

Remote Monitoring

Stay informed about your energy usage with the integrated data logging and storage web portal. Access continuous information from anyplace through Wi-Fi or 4G network, guaranteeing comfort and genuine serenity.


The Tesla Infinity 3KW Hybrid Inverter is compatible with lithium batteries, This Tesla Hybrid inverter offer to the users the wide option to choose their preferred energy storage solution.

Net Metering Compliance

Comply with net metering standards effortlessly, thanks to the Tesla Infinity 3KW Hybrid Inverter's adherence to regulatory requirements across various regions.

Unrivaled Performance and Control

Experience unparalleled control over your energy consumption and distribution with the Tesla Infinity 3KW Hybrid Inverter:

Pure Sine Wave Output

Appreciate steady and clean power conveyance, guaranteeing similarity with touchy electronic gadgets and apparatuses.

Self-Consumption and Grid Feed-In

Upgrade energy use by focusing on self-utilization or taking care of abundance energy back into the lattice, contingent upon your necessities.

Customizable Settings

Tailor your energy supply priorities with user-adjustable charging parameters, allowing you to prioritize voltage, battery, or grid as your primary energy sources.

Flexible Operation Modes

Choose from multiple operation modes, including grid-tie, off-grid, and grid tie with energy storage, to suit various scenarios and applications.

Seamless Integration and Scalability

The Tesla Infinity 3KW Hybrid Inverter seamlessly integrates into existing setups and scales effortlessly:

Far reaching Checking: Gain bits of knowledge into your energy utilization examples and framework execution with the observing programming, giving itemized status shows and control choices.


Expand your energy capacity by connecting multiple Tesla Infinity 3KW Hybrid Inverters in parallel, ensuring scalability and redundancy for larger installations.

Tesla Infinity 3KW Hybrid Inverter sets another norm for energy the board arrangements. Whether you're a home owner hoping to increase energy use or a business owner intending to lessen useful expenses, this tesla inverter offers unequaled execution, flexibility, and control. Embrace the fate of energy the executives with the Tesla Infinity 3KW Hybrid Inverter and start on a journey towards a more sustainable tomorrow.

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Tesla Infinity 3KW


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