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Welcome to Soherwardia Solar Energy, where we’re all about making renewable energy easy and accessible. Today, we’re excited to show you the Tesla HLE 8KW Hybrid Inverter. This guide breaks down why the Tesla Infinity is a shiny example for solar power market in Pakistan.

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Power Made Simple

Works with Any Battery

The Tesla HLE 8KW Hybrid Inverter is compatible with both type of solar batteries, lead-acid and lithium batteries. So, you can choose the solar battery that suits and affordable for you best and still get high quality performance.

See Your Savings in Real-Time

Thanks to its smart web portal, the Tesla HLE 8KW Hybrid Inverter shows you exactly how much solar energy you're making and using. It's like having a dashboard for your solar power.

Easy Control, Anywhere

This Hybrid solar inverter is with built-in Wifi and a handy phone application, you can manage your solar energy system from anywhere, such as you are in office, shop, home, shopping or anywhere, through your cell phone you can manage. Checking in on your solar power has never been easier.

ModelHLE 8kw
Touch ScreenBright HMI Screen
WifiSupports Wifi
PV Capacity8000/11000W
Inverter Capacity8000W
Output Port-

Friendly to the Grid and Your Wallet

Saves Your Money with Net Metering system in Pakistan

The Tesla HLE 8KW Hybrid Inverter helps you save on your electricity bills by using net metering. This means any extra solar power (Generated by the solar panels and converted by the Tesla HLE 8KW Hybrid Inverter,  you make can go back into the grid or fed back to the grid (This calls net metering, or reverse metering system), earning you credits.

Keeps Your Lights on When You Need Them

With smart load management, the Tesla HLE 8KW Hybrid Inverter makes sure your essential/necessary appliances always have power when they need it most. No more worrying about power outage/loadshedding.

Tough and Reliable

The Tesla HLE 8KW Hybrid Inverter is built to last, even in tough conditions. Plus, you can add more units as your needs grow (Ability to synchronized), thanks to its parallel operation feature.

Your Energy, Your Way

Customize Your Solar Energy Systems

From setting up timers for your home electric appliances to choosing how much power goes where, the Tesla HLE 8KW Hybrid Inverter lets you tailor your solar setup to fit your life.

Ready for Anything

With a built-in dust kit, which saves the tesla inverter from dust and the ability to work with different kinds of solar energy power systems, the Tesla HLE 8KW Hybrid Inverter is ready for whatever you throw at it.

A Brighter, Greener Future

Tesla HLE 8KW Hybrid Inverter is all about making solar energy power systems easy and hassle-free. Whether you're a homeowner, a business owner, or just passionate about clean energy, it doesn’t matter, the Tesla HLE 8KW Hybrid Inverter can help you take control of your energy future, specially in the present time when we are facing energy shortfall and power outage along with heavy electricity bills.

Join us in (Soherwardia Solar Energy) making the switch to solar and step into a brighter, greener and safe tomorrow with the Tesla HLE 8KW Hybrid Inverter by your side.

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