Tesla Axpert VM III 5 KW MPPT

Maximizing Energy Efficiency: Unveiling the Tesla Axpert VM III 5 KW MPPT 48V OFF Grid Solar Inverter

Tesla Axpert VM III 5 KW MPPT, off-grid energy solutions, Tesla Solar inverter system

Tesla Axpert VM III 5 KW MPPT 48V OFF-Grid Solar Inverter

In the realm of off-grid energy solutions, the Tesla Axpert VM III 5 KW MPPT 48V OFF-Grid Solar Inverter stands tall as a technological marvel, redefining efficiency and convenience for renewable energy users.

This momentous Tesla Solar inverter system offers a wide variety of features, This tesla solar inverter has been designed to empower users in optimizing power utilization and harnessing solar energy to its fullest potential.

Detachable LCD Control Module: A Paradigm of Convenience

The hallmark of the Tesla Axpert VM III Solar inverter lies in its detachable LCD control module. The creative plan permits consistent remote operation by affording users the flexibility to install the LCD panel up to 20 meters away from the Tesla Solar inverter.

This functionality not only increases accessibility but also rearranges control and monitoring, making adjustments bother-free.

User-Friendly Interface: Simplifying Inverter Management

Navigating the complexities of an inverter system is made remarkably simple with the user-friendly LCD operation. Users gain unparalleled control over critical settings such as charging current, output source, and charger source prioritization via the intuitive LCD control panel.

This ease of operation guarantees ideal Tesla Solar inverter performance, catering to diverse energy needs effortlessly.

Technical details of Tesla Axpert VM III OFF-Grid Solar Inverter

Tesla Axpert VM III 5 KW MPPT

Tesla VM III 5 KW MPPT 48V OFF Grid Solar Inverter

Price: PKR. 170,000/- Voltage: 230VAC Weight: 10kg Dimensions: 115 x 300 x 400

Important Note: Prices can be change without any prior notice


Exploring Features and Solar Panel Specifications

Seamless Integration for Enhanced Functionality

The Tesla Axpert VM III boasts a comprehensive wireless feature set, offering a frequency range of 50Hz/60Hz. This attribute works with unrivaled network and adaptability inside different energy arrangements, ensuring similitude and utilitarian straight-imposition.

Solar Panel Specifications: Unraveling the Potential

With a charge controller current of 80 Amps and a photo-voltaic array input of 5000 Watts, the inverter system showcases prowess in managing substantial power inputs efficiently. The MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charge controller type further increase the solar energy system’s efficacy in fetching solar energy, maximizing output even in harsh environmental conditions.

Embracing Effectiveness and Maintainability

In summary, the Tesla VM III 5 KW MPPT 48V OFF Grid solar Inverter arises as a foundation in the realm of solar off grid energy solutions or Solar Energy Systems. Its inventive plan, user friendly interface, and robust specifications sign’s towards the combination of efficiency and sustainability in renewable energy use. Embrace the future of energy optimization with Tesla Solar Inverter VM III.

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