Solarmax ORION Dual PV11000 Hybrid Inverter


Solarmax Orion Dual PV11000 Hybrid inverter, we say welcome to Soherwardia Solar Energy, here we are happy to introducing new and latest solarmax’s innovation: The new generation, Solarmax Orion Dual PV11000 hybrid inverter.

This is a multifunctional Solarmax inverter, this solarmax orion dual pv1000 hybrid solar inverter has been designed to meet the solar energy need for Residential solar energy systems, and commercial solar power solutions.

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The Solarmax Orion Dual PV11000 Hybrid inverter set the new standard in solar inverters market in Pakistan and set the new standards in Power Managements systems. The basic focus was on innovation, high efficiency, and reliability for this series of solar inverters. This series of Solar inverters by Solarmax promises to revolutionize, how we fetch solar energy from the sun light.

Next Generation Hybrid Series Solarmax Inverter

Solarmax is from the always behind the modern technology and now offers to our customers, “The new Generation Solarmax Orion Dual PV11000 Hybrid inverter”, this hybrid solar inverter represents a modern example of development in renewable energy technology.

This solar inverter is engineered to handle a wide range of Solar Applications, these inveters are capable to managing heavy loads efficiency, this ideal feature make these inverters an ideal choice for both smart and critical solar energy systems. With the innovative Dual Output connections, these solar inverters offer seam less integration and flexibility for different solar energy setups.

Solarmax ORION Dual PV11000 Hybrid Inverter

Max PV Input 11000W+

Max PV Voltage 500VDC

MPPT Range 90 ~ 450VDC

DUAL AC Output 11000W

Monitor & Control with Built-in Wifi

Support Parallel Operations (Upto 6 Units)

150A Max Charging Current

48VDC Colored LCD & Touch Buttons

Net Metering Feed into Grid

Zero Export Built-in

Comunication Ports RS232/USB/RS485/CAN

Advanced Battery Solutions compatibility

All other modern and new features of this solar inverter, there is the biggest and most intelligent feature is, it’s compatibility with cutting-edge battery technology. This solarmax or8igion dual pv11000 hybrid inverter have the built-in battery management system which calls (BMS option), these solar inverters seamlessly integrate with lithium –ion batteries, these are providing enhanced performance and extended backup capabilities. This important compatibility guaranteeing an o0timal efficiency and reliability, allowing the users to increase their energy storage solutions.

Surety a Sustainable Future

At Soherwardia solar energy, we're dedicated to driving the transfer towards a sustainable energy future. With the Solarmax ORION Dual PV11000 Hybrid Inverter, we're brightening and empowering homes and businesses to fetch solar energy by more efficiently and reliably. By combining cutting-edge technology with excellent performance, we're walking on the way for a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

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Are you Ready to experience the green future of solar energy? Contact us today to learn more about the Solarmax ORION Dual PV11000 Hybrid Inverter series and how it can change your energy management procedure. Together, let's power a brighter, shiny and more sustainable tomorrow with Soherwardia Solar Energy.

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