SolarMax Onyx Dual PV16000 Hybrid inverter


Maximizing Solar Energy Efficiency with SolarMax Onyx Dual PV16000

SolarMax Onyx Dual PV16000, this is the multi functional solar max hybrid inverter. The dual options make it ideal choice for solar energy systems installation at your home, office, clinic or hospital etc.

This grid-tied/on grid solarmax hybrid inverter helps you to produce and convert solar power into usable electricity and you can enjoy with the ultimate freedom to control your energy consumption. This way you can reduce your electricity bill / utility bills each and every month.

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SolarMax Onyx Dual PV16000: As a part of renewable energy sources, solar energy or solar power is stands as a bright reference point of sustainability and high efficiency. As the world is moving towards greener options, fetching the (power of the sun), becomes increasingly necessary and important, especially in Pakistan, as we are facing energy crisis and power outage.

At the forefront of solar technology, SolarMax presents the Onyx Dual PV16000 hybrid inverter, a bright example of innovation and un beatable performance. Let us explore the deep details of this amazing product (Solarmax Onyx Dual PV16000 Hybrid Inverter), and investigate, what is this product and how it can reform your energy consumption.

Max PV input 16000W

Max PV voltage 1000VDC

250A max charging current

Net metering feed into grid

Battery management system

Monitor and control with built-in Wifi

Un-covering SolarMax Onyx Dual PV16000

SolarMax Onyx Dual PV16000 is not just an inverter; it's a gateway to unlocking the full potential of solar energy. Solarmax Onyx Dual PV 16000 Hybrid Inverter has been designed with accuracy and creativity, this grid-tied inverter epitomizes greatness in every matter. Here's what sets it apart:

Enhanced Efficiency

With a maximum PV input of 16000W and a PV voltage of 1000VDC, SolarMax Onyx Dual PV16000 maximizes solar energy utilization like never before. It gets the force of daylight with high productivity, ensuring greatest execution even in cruel natural circumstances.

Seamless Integration

The integration of net metering feed into the grid simplifies the process of harnessing solar energy. SolarMax Onyx Dual PV16000 Hybrid Solar Inverter easily synchronizes with the existing power grid, allowing for smooth energy change/shifting and use. Say goodbye to energy wastage now, and say hello to a sustainable future.

Advanced Features

Equipped with a battery management system and built-in Wifi connectivity, SolarMax Onyx Dual PV16000 offers unparalleled convenience and control. This hybrid solar inverter Monitor and manage your energy consumption easily, empowering you to make informed decisions and optimize your solar energy utilization.

Energy Independence

At SolarMax, we understand the importance of energy independence. With SolarMax Onyx Dual PV16000 hybrid solar inverter, you gain the complete freedom to control your energy consumption. Say goodbye to heavy electricity bills and embrace a future powered by  clean,and green renewable energy.

SolarMax Onyx Dual PV16000 rethinks the worldview of solar energy efficiency. With its state of the art innovation and innovative features, it arises as a reference point of sustainability in a world which is hungry for greener options. Embrace the power of solar energy and leave on an excursion towards a brighter, more sustainable future with SolarMax.

Harness the sun's power today with SolarMax Onyx Dual PV16000, and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.

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