SolarMax ONYX Dual PV 9000W Hybrid Solar Inverter


SolarMax ONYX Dual PV 9000w, At Soherwardia Solar Energy, we are thrilled to introduce solarmax’s latest innovation in solar power technology – the New Generation Solarmax Hybrid ONYX Dual Series of Inverters-2022.

These Sun powered Inverters has been planned with profound meticulousness and designed to surpass assumptions, these inverters are ready to alter the private and business sun oriented energy scene.

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The Next Generation of Solar Power Solutions

SolarMax ONYX Dual PV 9000W, Solarmax New Age Crossover ONYX Double Series of Inverters-2022 is the zenith of long stretches of exploration, advancement, and development. With a resolute commitment to stretching the boundaries of what is possible in sun based fueled energy development, we are satisfied to present a thing that sets new guidelines for viability, reliability, and execution/execution.

Technical Parameters

Model: ONYX Dual PV 9000

Max. PV Power: 9000W

Max. PV Voltage: 550 VDC

Max. input current (inputA/inputB) (A): 30 A (15A+15A)

Max. short current (inputA/inputB) (A): 40A (20A,20A)

Start operating voltage (V): 90 VDC

MPPT Voltage Range (V): 70-520VDC

No.s of MPPT Trackers: 2

SolarMax ONYX Dual PV 9000

One of the most remarkable features of the SolarMax ONYX Dual PV 9000W is its versatility. Whether you are a mortgage holder hoping to tackle the force of Solar energy for your home or an entrepreneur looking to improve energy proficiency in a business setting, these Solarmax inverters are intended to meet your one of a kind requirements. From overseeing weighty burdens to flawlessly incorporating with trendy lithium-particle batteries, the SolarMax ONYX Dual PV 9000W offers unequaled adaptability and flexibility.

Cutting-Edge Technology for Enhanced Performance

At the heart of the SolarMax ONYX Dual PV 9000W lies cutting-edge technology that delivers unparalleled performance and efficiency. With dual output connections, solarmax inverters are capable of managing smart and critical electric loads with ease, guaranteeing continuous and regular power supply even in the most demanding conditions. Moreover, the underlying Battery The board Framework (BMS) choices increment battery execution and life expectancy, giving enduring reinforcement power when you want it most.

SolarMax ONYX Dual PV 9000

Lase but not least,  SolarMax ONYX Dual PV 9000W represents a quantum leap forward in solar power technology. With its innovative and compact design, truly advanced features, and unmatched performance, enhanced efficiency, this next-generation solarmax hybrid inverter is ready to reclassify the way we saddle and use solar energy. Whether you are looking to power your home or business, trust SolarMax to provide reliable, efficient, and sustainable solar power solutions that meet your needs today and into the future.

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Inverter Type

Dual PV – Hybrid


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