Three Phase

Three Phase Solar Energy System.

3 Phase In, 3 Phase Out. Solar Energy system for Big farm Houses, Industrial Power Generation, Telecommunication, Hospitals etc.

Three-Phase 380/400V Output.  Solar energy system available with storage and without storage option. Available range 3 KW-100 Kw and above.

Solar Energy system Consists of:

  • Solar Panels A Grade (Tier 1).
  • Solar Panels Stands Ground fixed (Galvanized Sheet).
  • Solar Hybrid Inverter. (Efficiency 99.9%, Three-Phase 380/400V).
  • AGM Batteries. (With Energy Storage System) Battery less Systems are without batteries.
  • DC Breakers. AC Breakers.

Note: DC Cable. Earthing. Installation. Transportation will be As per actual.

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