LAR 100 SPI. Larens Solar Pump Inverter. LAR 100 Solar Pump Inverter. MPPT Solar Pump Inverter.

  • Apply to all kinds of single phase or 3 Phase AC induction motor.
  • With infineon IGBT. Maximum Power point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm for dynamic VI, fast response speed.
  • Good Stability, the efficiency of MPPT 99.99%.
  • Both AC and DC input, but can not use DC and AC at the same time.
  • For Single phase inverter, MPPT working voltage is 180-450V.
  • For 3 Phase inverter, MPPT working voltage is 250-800V.
  • Remote control, support RS323/RS485 Protocol.
  • Outdoor working environment temperature: -10 / +50C.
  • Start in the morning and stop in the late afternoon full automatically.
  • Full protections: overload, over current, over coltage, under voltage, short circuit, dry pumping etc.
  • PV reserved connection protection.

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