Solar Energy system 1.5 Ton Air Conditioner


Solar energy system 1.5 ton air conditioner, SAC 12000 solar energy system for you DC Inverter Air conditioner. DC Inverter Air conditioner is the fixed speed compressor in a standard air conditioner runs at 100% capacity, when it is started.

But on the other hand a DC inverter air conditioner unit starts at a low level and then progressively increase its capacity, it depends on the requirement to heat up the room or cool it down.

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Solar Energy system 1.5 Ton Air Conditioner, The frequency acts as the input variable to control the compressor speed, the current ambient air temperature is a sampled by using a micro controller and the compressors speed s adjusted appropriately. With the batteries, we regulate the usage also, at this time you not bother about battery prices in Pakistan.

Please not this, all the solar power systems components are included with this package, this solar energy package for air conditioner is specially designed for your Existing DC inverter air conditioner of 1.5 Ton.

What is included with this Solar Energy package

Tier 1 A grade solar panels

Solar panels are really A grade tier1. Solar panels are manufacturer by top tier1 solar panels manufacturers such as Canadian Solar Panels, Jinko Solar Panels, Longi HIMo5, Longi HiMo6 solar panels, Trina Solar Panels, JA Solar Panels or equivalent. These solar panels are Class A, high quality with maximum efficiency nearing 20% in spot test, TUV and ISO certified.

Solar Hybrid Inverter

This solar energy system is equipped with high quality, pure sine wave MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) solar inverter.

Energy storage System

This solar energy system for 1.5 Ton DC Inverter air conditioner system is included with Solar batteries, these solar batteries are AGM technology batteries, Polymer gel, or lithium this all depend on the requirements of our customer based.

Installation Accessories

Solar Panels structure, roof top mounted solar panels structure is entirely made with rust proof G.I sheet based standard gauge is 14 gauges which is 2mm thick. We offer customized solar panels structure too.

DC cable 15 feet 2 core, DC Disconnectors, AC Disconnectors, AC cable and installation.

Solar Energy system 1.5 Ton Air Conditioner is the system which gives you comfort, peace of mind, this solar energy system ensure the uninterrupted run of your solar air conditioner the whole day direct on solar and in night this solar energy system automatically shift on the grid power, in case of outage this intelligent solar energy system use the power of stored in batteries, which is a more plus point of this solar energy system for air conditioner.

If you want to run your existing 1 ton DC inverter air conditioner, then please make a call on our whats aap +92 307 5359344 or email us for a free quotation or more information. We are always here to help you in renewable energy products and systems.

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Solar Energy System


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