Solar Air Conditioner 1 Ton

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The Ultimate Solar Energy System for Your 1 Ton Air Conditioner

Solar Air Conditioner 1 ton, this solar energy system runs your 1 ton air conditioner direct on solar energy system. This is not the matter that your 1 ton air conditioner is a conventional split unit or it is a DC Inverter Air conditioner. We have the solar energy solution for both types of air conditioners.

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Why we need to shift on solar energy system

Solar Air Conditioner 1 Ton, To shift our air conditioning system on solar is bit necessary because of many reasons but we will explain few of them.

Lackness of Power in Pakistan

Here in Pakistan we are facing the lackness of power, our use of electricity power is increasing day by day because of population growth in Pakistan but the electricity power generation is still on the same place, where it was in past.

Heavy Electricity bills

Solar Energy system reduces the electricity bills each and every month. How this reduces the electricity bills, this is the question which comes in every people mind.

This is very simple for solar energy systems, because solar panels generate the power from sunlight and solar inverter convert that power into usable power. That useable electricity power runs your 1 ton air conditioner. While sun is shining brightly and solar panels are producing power the grid power will be stopped and your utility meter will not consume electricity from the grid.

PV Panels (W)1950
PV Panels (KW)1.95
Inverter TypeHybrid
Inverter Power1650
Energy StorageYes

Why Solar Energy for 1 ton solar air conditioner

Solar energy is bright renewable energy source and it is eco friendly too. By fetching the power of the sun by sunlight, you can reduce your carbon foot print and dependency on conventional power sources. Conventional power sources are such as fossil fuels, coal etc, while solar energy power generation produces no harmful emissions. Solar energy makes a clan and sustainable power which enlights your home or business.

Solar Energy System For 1 Ton Air conditioner

Our Solar Air Conditioner 1 Ton system is consists of the following main solar components, details are as below.

Tier 1 A Grade Solar Panels

Tier 1 A grade solar panels, we mostly implement the Canadian Solar Panels, Longi Hi Mo6 Solar Panels, Jinko Solar Panels, or Trina Solar Panels, we understood that the trend of solar market and we brought Top tier 1 solar panels for solar air conditioner 1 ton system.

These solar panels are the base of solar air conditioner 1 ton system, these solar panels convert sunlight into useable electricity. These solar panels are made with the multiple solar cells, each solar panel generates direct current (DC) electricity when sun is shining brightly.

Solar Hybrid inverter

Solar hybrid inverter play very important role in solar air conditioner 1 ton system, solar hybrid inverter convert dc power generated by the solar panels into useable AC Power which empower your 1 ton air conditioner and run un interruptedly without using electricity from grid power till sun is shining brightly.

Battery Storage System

Solar air conditioner 1 ton system includes the battery storage system to store excessive power generated by the solar panels during sun shine hours. This stored power come to use that when sun power is not available, especially in night, cloudy days, rainy days and power outages. This energy storage makes sure uninterrupted power supply and increase the efficiency of Solar Air Conditioner 1 Ton System.

Benefits of Our Solar Energy System

Cost Savings

As we all know the initial invest in solar energy systems initial investment can be little higher but its power saving option gives you the maximum money saving opportunity. This Solar Air Conditioner 1 Ton system can help you to reduce your reliance on conventional grid electricity, you can also reduce your monthly electricity bills and can protect your self from increasing prices of electricity day by day and month by month.

Environmental Impact of Solar Energy Systems

By going to solar power is one of the best and most effective way to reduce carbon foot print on the earth. By producing clean, green renewable energy from the sunlight, you can perform your active part to save the environment for the next generations to come.

Energy Independence

Solar Air Conditioner 1 Ton by installing this solar energy system you become less reliant on conventional grid power. This energy independence provides the peace of mind during the power outages, (Load shedding), it also gives you great control to your energy usage and cost.

Our Commitment to Quality

At Soherwardia Solar Energy, we are committed to deliver the high quality, durable and long life solar energy solutions that are more than the our customers expectations. From initial consultation, quote to installation and ongoing support, we help you in all the matters of solar energy systems power generation.

By Investing in a solar energy system for your Solar Air Conditioner 1 Ton is a wise decision that offers long life benefits for both your wallet and the planet. With our expertise and commitment to best quality, Soherwardia Solar Energy is your trusted partner in making the transfer to clean, sustainable energy.

If you want to install Solar Air Conditioner 1 Ton please make a contact with us by email or given below the whats aap, our motto is “we are close to you whenever you need even you don’t”.

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