QSP6-60/03 Submersible Pump


QSP6-60/03 submersible pump price in Pakistan – The QSP, SSP 4″ and  6″ Submersible water pumps are energy-optimized.  Agriculture Irrigation Pump.SSP Series pumps are primarily used to pump raw water from underground. The pumps are installed in boreholes or wells, submerged below the water level. The QSP and SSP pumps are suitable for  the following applications:

•  Agriculture Irrigation Pump  •  Commercial Water Pumps   • Commercial water supply Pumps   • Pressure Boosting   • Fountain Applications  •  Industrial water pump  •  3 Inch Solar Tubewell   •  Solar Submersible Pump  • QSP6 60 Submersible Pump


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Stainless Steel Pump | QSP6-60/03 Submersible Pump

QSP6-60/03 Submersible Pump – QSP6 type stainless steel multistage deep well submersible pump is a new high-grade machine for getting underground water.

It is widely used for water supply and discharge in industrial and mining enterprises, for farmland irrigation, and for getting underground water for private use.

The main parts of the pump are all made of stainless steel and copper alloy, so has such features as anti-corrosion, wear resistance, energy-saving, high efficiency, and fully reliable.

Besides, as it has a compact structure, is small and light, it is easy to maintain, transport, install and use.

When used in combination with an automatic energy-saving high-efficiency control box, it can be protected against over temperature, short circuit, overload, and under voltage, safe and reliable to use.

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Soherwardia Submersible Pump in Pakistan

Soherwardia is famous for delivering quality items. Among our item range is our submersible pump which is one of its sorts. Soherwardia offers different submersible pumps that are profoundly sturdy. These submersible pumps have an extraordinary plan for the link monitor and the sifter permits straightforward gathering with no little screws. The submersible pumps give dependable execution and work entirely under outrageous circumstances.

submersible water pump price in Pakistan


  • Convenient and Portable. Submersible pumps are extremely convenient because they are usually small, light, and portable
  • Self-Priming
  • Efficient
  • Can be Used With Pressure Pumps
  • Extremely Resistant to Corrosion
  • Versatile
  • Electric
  • Space Saving

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QSP6-60/03 submersible pump price in Pakistan

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50HZ / 2850R.P.MKWHPm³/h04045501000
QSP6-60/035.57.5Head (m)4226242123


Soherwardia Engineering provides, Agricultural Irrigation Pump, industrial water pumps, solar water pumps, submersible pumps, Submersible Electric motors, Commercial Water Pumps, and Commercial water supply Pumps, All Over Pakistan

The primary applications of Submersible water pumps include: 

Power & Energy, Water & Wastewater, Boiler water treatment, Cooling towers, Environmental water treatment, Spot free car wash, Refinery, Municipal, Brackish water supply, Industrial & commercial applications, Renewable energy system, submersible fountain pump,  Stainless Steel Pump, Solar Submersible Pump, QSP6 60 Submersible Pump, Solar Tubewell Price,


Submersible pumps are primarily used for pumping raw water from underground. The pumps are installed in boreholes or wells, submerged below the water level.

For industrial purposes, you can place the pump in e.g. a tank. Our pumps are suitable for raw-water supply, irrigation, groundwater lowering, pressure boosting, fountain applications, mining applications, and off-shore applications.

We offer energy-efficient submersible pumps ranging from 1 to 215 m3/h. Our pump range consists of many pump sizes, and each pump size is available with an optional number of stages to match any duty point.

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Submersible Pumps General Information

  • Long life
  • High efficiency
  • High durability and easy installation
  • Easy service
  • Flange with NEMA standards
  • Submersible Deep Well Submersible Pump
  • QSP6 60 Submersible Pump
  • Water lubricated rubber bearing
  • Built-in check valve to prevent backflow
  • Complete stainless steel
  • Suitable connection in NEMA standards
  • Long life and high efficiency

SSP Series Submersible pump:-

The QSP6 or SSP6 Series  4″ – 10″ submersible borehole pump range is available in AISI 304, AISI 316, and duplex stainless steel for long service life.

The hydraulics are designed for high sand handling capability. The pumps are used in water supply and irrigation, desalination, and deep well dewatering.

All kinds of industrial purposes,  Solid matter in water shall not be over 0.01% (weight ratio), Chemical substances content in water shall not be over 1.5mg/L

Maximum . Sand Protection

Stainless Steel Parts

NPT & Metric Thread

Rubber bearings are water lubricated and have a sand channel that makes it possible for the sand particles to leave the pump with the pumped liquid.

Manufacturing stainless steel diffusers, impellers, suction case, and discharge case provides maximum strength, durability, wear and tear resistance.

Submersible water pumps have NPT and Metric threaded connection according to NEMA standard.

Additional information

Pump Material:

Stainless Steel AISI304/316

Pump Type:

Vertical Multistage Pump

Pump Ø (Inch)


Motor Ø Required (Inch)