QSP10 125-1 Qalseen Submersible Pump


QSP10 125-1 Submersible Pumpwhen it comes to submersible pumps, Qalseen Pumps is a true champion in the field of Submersible Pump, especially with QSP10, 10 inches stainless steel submersible pumps.

QSP10 125-1 Submersible pumps are high quality, manufactured with precision and engineered for excellence in dealing with deep wells, Tubewell, Bore wells.

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Qalseen Pumps Super Submersible Pumps Unbeatable Performance

Superb Performance Stats

Strong Flow

QSP10 125-1 Submersible Pump are especially made with stainless steel material AISI 304, this is to make our submersible able to run smoothly and long operation life, this is also because these submersible pumps can move water 125 to 180 cubic meters of water per hour. Whether you're working on farms, agriculture land or in industries, these submersible pumps always perform especially well and provide un interrupted water supply easily.

Impressive Reach

QSP10 series submersible pumps can reach impressive heights, up to 400 meters. That's very simple in means QSP10 series Qalseen submersible pumps can handle the demands of even the deepest wells installation with ease.

ModelQSP10 125-1
Out Let (in)6" Optional 5"
Motor Power (KW)11
Motor Power (HP)15
Flow (L/min)333-1000-1667-2000-2708
Flow (m3/hr)20-60-100-120-162
Head (m)31-27-22-20-13
V-Frequency380 VAC - 50 Hz

Custom Built for You

Qalseen Pumps takes pride in meeting specific needs. If you have special requirements, Qalseen Pump can customize the pump for you. Plus point is this, the Qalseen Submersible Pumps are made of durable stainless steel AISI 304 material (AISI 3016 On Demand), to resist corrosion in different environments.

Easy Connection Options

QSP10 125-1 Submersible Pump is flexible. With NPT thread pipe connection, installation becomes a breeze, making it user friendly.

Tech Specs Made Simple

Right Size

Made for deep 10 inches wells (DN250mm or above), these submersible pumps follow NEMA standards for motor joining, ensuring they work seamlessly with motors up to 8 inches.

Smart Casing

The delivery casing comes with a built in return valve, making the pump more efficient and ensuring a longer lifespan.

Tough Materials

Every part of the QSP10 series submersible pump is made from strong stainless steel AISI 304 sheet metal, making it sturdy and reliable.

Innovative Impellers

QSP10 125-1 Submersible Pump includes with mixed flow impellers, QSP10 125, QSP10 160, ensuring the smooth movement of water and better overall performance.

Operating in Tough Conditions

Temperature Toughness

QSP10 submersible pumps can handle liquid temperatures ranging from 0 Celsius to 45 Celsius.

Sand Strength

They can also handle water with up to 50 g/m3 of sand content, making them reliable in challenging conditions.

Rotation Reliability

Operating in a clockwise direction ensures consistent rotation, adding to the pumps' dependability.

In the world of 10 inch stainless steel submersible pumps, Qalseen Pump, QSP10 125-1 Submersible Pump stands out. With smart and slim design, careful construction, and outstanding, extra ordinary and energy efficient performance, these Qalseen submersible pumps set new standards for excellence. Choose Qalseen Pumps for extraordinary fluid dynamics.

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