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Welcome to Qalseen Pump, where we redefine excellence in submersible pump technology. As the best supplier of submersible water pumps in the field of water pumping systems and pumping solutions in Islamic Republic of Pakistan, we are here with years of experience, innovation, and with a nationwide network to serve you better even the best with our products and services.

Since Qalseen pump inception, the Qalseen pump mainly focuses has been on providing to customer a durable and long life pumping solutions and top notch quality, these things are making Qalseen pump the preferred choice for submersible pump solutions across the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Modern and Latest Technology

Qalseen Pump success story is built on their commitment to leveraging sophisticated technology. This guarantee that Qalseen pump clients receive the best submersible pumps of international standards which are the durable and reliable too. Qalseen Pump submersible product range spans from 100 mm (4”) to 250 mm (10”) in size, with power ratings ranging from 1-70 hp, meeting with the wide range of pumping systems requirements with precision and high performance efficiency.

Why Choose Qalseen Pump - Qalseen Submersible Pump

Best and High Quality Materials

Qalseen pump always prioritize the use of the finest quality materials in their pumps and motors. From virgin copper in stator windings to robust thrust bearings and stainless steel shafts, each and every component is meticulously manufactured to make sure the extra ordinary performance which is beyond the expectation of the customers and users of Qalseen pumps.

Robust Design for Varied Applications

Qalseen pumps are specially designed to handle different water pumping applications with ease. It is not the matter that it is groundwater extraction, farm irrigation, firefighting, deep well drilling, or sewage handling, Qalseen Pumps always delivers the most reliable water pumping solutions specially to meet  with your unique water pumping systems requirements.

Points of Considerations for Buying Qalseen Submersible Pumps

Borewell Size and Capacity

The size of the borewell plays a very important role in choosing the right and best suitable submersible pump size. It is necessary to match the pump outer diameter with the bore well size to make sure a perfect fit and efficient operation.

Total Dynamic Head (TDH)

Understanding the total dynamic head is big necessary for the selecting the right submersible pump model. The factors such as head length or in simple the height, pumping water level, drop pipe friction loss, and check valve friction, these all factors must be considered to calculate TDH (Total dynamic head) accurately.

Delivery Size and Discharge Rate

The diameter of the delivery pipe and the pump discharge rate both are the main factors to consider. Matching the outlet or discharge nozzle size with the pipe diameter guarantees the excellent water flow, while selecting a submersible water pump with enough discharge capacity is essential for efficient water pumping operation in large areas.

Cooling System and Construction Material

Qalseen pumps feature are the advanced cooling systems, including water filled and oil filled Qalseen submersible motors, meeting to different preferences and requirements. Additionally, Qalseen submersible pumps are manufactured using high class materials such as high class plastic impellers and cast iron or stainless steel motor bodies, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Advantages of Qalseen Submersible Pumps

Hassle Free Operation

Qalseen Submersible pumps remove the need for priming, as they remain submerged in water, preventing air bubbles and ensuring smooth operation. With enhanced efficiency, they extract water effortlessly, minimizing power consumption.

Anytime Functionality

Qalseen submersible pumps provide round the clock functionality, lifting the water from the earth whenever needed. With built in non return valves, backflow is prevented, guaranteeing the continuous operation and specially the peace of mind.

Longevity and Reliability

Proper installation is very important for the increasing of the lifespan of Qalseen submersible pumps. Ensuring that the pump remains submerged prevents overheating and ensures consistent performance over the years.

Choose the Qalseen Submersible Pumps for Unmatched Quality and Performance

With Qalseen Submersible Pumps, you are not just investing in a submersible pump but you are investing in reliability, efficiency, and peace of mind. Qalseen pump commitment to excellence, coupled with cutting edge technology and superior production, ensures that you receive the best in the class solutions for your pumping systems.

Qalseen Pumps - Empowering Your Pumping Solutions


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