SAJ 37KW Solar Pump Controller



The SAJ Solar Pump Controller is a variable speed motor drive. Designed to run any IEC three-phase asynchronous motor. The solar pumping system provides water to remote locations by converting high voltage, direct current from a solar array into alternating current to run a standard three-phase asnychronous motor. When solar power is not available, the controller can switched manually to an alternate 3-phase AC input such as a generator or inverter from battery, if available. The controller provides fault detection, motor soft start, speed control. The solar pump controller is designed to provide these features with the plug and play ease of installation.

The SAJ Solar Pump controller is designed with the high standard of reliability expected of products. The controller attempts to drive the pump and motor to deliver water even under adverse conditions, reducing output as necessary to protect the system components from damage, and only shutting down in extreme cses. Full operation is restored automatically whenever abnormal conditions subside.

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PDS33-4T037 SAJ Solar Pump Controller:

The SAJ Solar Pump Controller is based on a standard platform controlling a standard 3-Phase asynchronous motor driving a pump powered by a solar array on an option AC generator backup. The SAJ solar controller continuously monitors system performance and incorporates a number of features for pumping system protection in the event of a fault, the SAJ solar pumping system is optimzed for pumping under adverse input power conditions unique to solar arrays. internal diagnostics will tolerate a lower input voltage. Whenever possible, the controller attemps to drive the pump load by maximizing power output from the solar array. SAJ series remote system monitoring a LED display provides a detailed indication of system status.


  • Electronic monitoring gives the controller the capability to monitor the system and automatically shut down the even Off.
  • Dry well conditions – With low level switch.
  • Bound pump – with auto reversing torue.
  • High voltage surge.
  • Lopw input voltage
  • OOpen motor circuit.
  • Short circuit.
  • Over heat.


SAJ Solar Pumping System Catalogue                                                      PDS33 CE Certificate

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MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)


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