INVT GD100 2.2KW Inverter


INVT GD100 2.2 KW Solar Pump Inverter.

INVT GD100 Variable speed drive Inverters are well positioned in an environmentally friendly and economical PV market. The product has been specifically designed for Solar Panel driven pumping systems with water storage instead of electric storage and with no need for expensive battery backup. The direct current (DC) generated by Solar panels is a direct input into the Invert er which is then converted into three phase alternating voltage (AC) to drive various pumps directly. The Invert er will adjust output frequency in real time in accordance with sunlight intensity changes.

INVT GD100 Solar Pump Invert er Features:

Start or sleep automatically only after being connected to solar panel without setting any parameter.
Include PV over-voltage protection, PV polarity reverse warning, auto-derating against over-temperature etc, extending product’s life.
Ensure the solar power tracking efficiency reaches 99%, and keep frequency output stable without any faults and stop even though the solar power is unstable.
Models of 2.2 kW or less can be configured with the boost module, which can reduce the cost by decreasing the number (Up to 13 Pieces) of solar panel.
Implement auto switch or hybrid function between solar input and grid input, achieving 24-hour unattended work.
Support GPRS module, which can remotely monitor the invert er by using the APP.


Rural borehole, rural irrigation, rural municipal water, agriculture, forestry, remote areas, residential & commercial applications, energy savings.



GD100 Goodrive100




MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking


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