INV-3400M Solar Home System


INV-3400M Solar Home System

Solar Energy System for Home, Office, Shops Electricity Power Generation. This Solar Energy Power Generation System gives you freedom:

  • From Heavy Electricity Bills
  • Load Shedding
  • Direct Power Supply from Sun Energy
  • 1 Time Expense Life time Achievement
Product Features:
  • Solar Panels/PV Modules Tier 1.
  • Ground Fixed Solar Panels Racks (Galvanized Sheet).
  • Solar Inverter (MPPT) Maximum Power Point Tracking.
  • Deep Cycle Batteries. AGM Cell technology.
  • DC Breakers.
  • AC Breakers

“Be You Own Electricity Power Generation company”.


1 - 1.5 Ton AC (Inverter)
4 - Ceiling Fan
6 - Energy Saver
1 - Computer

Load Management:
10 Ceiling Fans
14 Energy Saver
4 LED TV 32" (Not Plasma)
3 KW Appliances Load

Solar Panels

Poly Crystalline:
Max. Power Vmp:
Max Power Imp:
Open Circuit Voc:
Short circuit Isc :
Cell efficiency %:

  • STC: Irradiance 1000 W/m2, AM 1.5 Gand cell temperature of 25 C.


270 P

Solar Inverter

Input Voltage:
Frequency Range:
Output voltage:
Surge Power:
Wave form:
Battery Voltage:
Floating Voltage:
Solar Charger:
Solar Charging:
Max. Ac Charger:


5.2 KW III
230 VAC
50/60 Hz Auto
230 VAC -+ 5%
Pure Sine Wave
48 VDC
54 VDC
80 A
80 A

Solar Home Power Generation System

Generate cheap power during the day.

There are many Solar Companies in Pakistan and Soherwardia Solar Is one of the leading Solar Company that provides best Solar System in Pakistan. We are offering different kinds of best Solar Solutions. We are using top brands of Solar Panels in Pakistan like Yingli, Canadian, Soho Lumi, Risen and Trina Solar Panels.

Solar is now becoming essential requirement due to heavy load shedding. Solar Energy System for home in Pakistan is a best alternative power. It stores sun light as solar energy and produces electricity to homes, institutions, offices, for commercial usage etc.

Soherwardia Solar offers Lowest Solar System Price in Pakistan for everyone. For Quick Inquiry call at 051-5750 571 or 0313 5952 377 or email us at [email protected]

PV Module:

Tier 1


Designed By Soherwardia Solar


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