FX10-160/2 40 HP


FX10-160/2 Submersible Pump

Cast Iron Mixed Flow Submersible Pump

Operating Parameters:

Model:   FX10-160/2

Power (HP/KW): 40/30

Volts / Hz:   380/50

Head m  (Min / Max):   19-38-45-55

Flow (L.P.M) (Max / Min):   3800-3000-2600-1800

Discharge Nozzle Size:   6″

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The new series of 8″ mixed flow cast iron submersible pump FX8 has been designed and produced according to market requirement. Heavy duty casted cast iron top, bottom, impellers and diffusers for easy maintenance and for long and trouble free life.

  • Domestic and Industrial water supply
  • Industrial cooling process
  • Fire fighting system
  • Shower and running irrigation
  • Agriculture and sprinkler system
  • Mining industry, drainage and de-watering
Operating Data (FX10-160):
  • Capacity: upto     3800 L.P.M
  • Head :      upto     80 Meter
  • Power:     upto      50Hp
  • Minimum Water Temperature: 5C
  • Maximum Water Temperature: 30C
  • Maximum Sand content: 40 grm/m3
  • Direction of rotation : CCW facing delivery side
  • Minimum recommended head of water above Pump Suction 1 Meter


KM6 Submersible Motor Feature:

KM-6 50Hz Submersible Motor | 6” Borehole Submersible Motor

The new improved series of 6” submersible motors KM6 has been designed to achieve compatibility with inverter outputs (modified sine waves) making it the first choice for solar and other high efficiency applications.
In design and material selection all efforts have been made to offer an energy efficient product to our customers which stand for reliability, excellent quality, long and trouble free life. KM6 6” water filled submersible motors have asynchronous three phase rewindable stator and squirrel cage rotor.

  • Wet Stator Design
  • High Grade Material
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Long Service Life
  • High Thermal Capacity
  • High Efficiency
  • Re-windable
  • Eco Friendly
  • Industrial, Commercial, Agriculture
  • and Irrigation Purpose

Specification of 50 hz Submersible Motor | Borehole Submersible Motor

  • Winding:

Made of pure electrolytic copper wire sheeted with BOPP insulation for high temperature. Robust winding having extra copper than standard version to lower the current density and the electric resistance resulting in reduced winding losses.
Increased length with M800 low-losses electrical magnetic sheet fixed in stainless steel casing.

  • Rotor:

Increased length with M800 low-losses electrical magnetic sheet fixed with high grade copper bars.

  • Spline Shaft:

AISI 420 stainless steel induction hardened & grinded, flange dimensions according to 6” NEMA standard, over size designed to ensure stiffness in severe conditions.

  • Shaft Bearing/Bush:

Super finished water lubricated guide bearing/bush made of high grade carbon, are fixed in upper and lower brackets.

  • Thrust Bearings:

Super grade thrust sliding block bearings, self-aligning Mitchell type, with axial load capacity of 18000 N (up to 30 HP), 24000 N (35 to 60 HP) and 60000 N (70 HP)

  • Mechanical Seal:

Silicon Tungsten (WC) carbide mechanical seal for normal and sandy wells.

  • Pressure Equalizing System:

Consists of rubber diaphragm located at lower end. providing compensative volume for internal pressure developed during operation.

  • Brackets:

High resistance cast iron upper & lower bracket supports are dressed in stainless steel jackets.

  • Filler Fluid:

Water mixed with non-toxic anti-freeze provide cooling and lubrication, also protect and prevent inside parts from corrosion.

  • Connection:

Connected through rubber sheathed cable available in Delta & WYE (Star) configuration.


Note: All specifications are subject to change without any prior notice.


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