CS3U-365P Canadian Solar

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Canadian Solar CS3U-365P Solar Panel

KU MAX POWER Series Canadian Solar Panels.

Canadian Solar has developed an innovative cool module design, Ku Modules, based on Low Internal Current (LIC) module technology – the next generation of module technology.

The new Ku Modules portfolio is available in both poly- and mono crystalline. The Ku module portfolio consists of the following types: KuMax (144 cells), KuPower (120 cells), KuBlack (120 cells) and the corresponding double-glass KuDymond.



Main Features of CS3U-365 W:

Ku Max High Efficiency Poly PERC Module.

Power:     365 W

Size:     992 * 2000 * 35 mm

Weight:     22.5 kg.



  • Higher power for equivalent module sizes
    Low power loss in cell interconnection
    Increased module reliability
    Low temperature coefficient
    Low NMOT



Additional information


Canadian Solar


KU Max Power Series

Total No.s Of Cell:

144 [2 X (12 X 6) ]


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