40 HP Submersible Motor


Submersible Motors Salient Features:

OMSJ6 Submersible Motors, The robust design and choice of component materials, ensure optimum operating performances, superior quality, reliability and ease of installation.



OMSJ6 Series 6" Water-Filled Submersible Motors.

Shaft extension and couplings meet (NEMA) Standards.

Rewindable stator.

Winding insulation: Class "Y".

Protection grade: IP68

Bigger compensation bellows for internal liquid expansion for severe operating conditions.

Oversized thrust bearings: shaft supported by oversized thrust bearings which can support thrust load up to 15500 N.

Mechanical seal: reliable, long service, more resistant to sand.

Filling fluid: water mixed with non-toxic anti-freeze glycol, provides cooling and lubrication, and also protects and prevents parts inside from corrosion.

Maximum immersion Depth: 200 m.

Maximum number of starts per hour at regular intervals: 10.

Maximum allowable voltage fluctuations over the rated voltage: -+7%.

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Submersible Motors | 40 HP Submersible Motor


  • Three-Phase from 4 KW to 45KW, 380 V/50Hz.

Optional Features:

  • Different voltage and frequency.
  • Different Material.
  • Motors with double cable outlets for start/delta Start.

OMSJ6 6" Submersible Electric motor.

  • 6" Stainless Steel submersible motor
  • Water Filled Submersible Motor
  • Anti-Sand Version
  • 3 Phase 380 VAC
  • 4 KW to 45 Kw

Winding Wire


Thrust Bearing


Mechanical sealing


Submersible Electric Motor Winding Wire

Excellent performance at well water of 50 °C. High resistance against valtage surges. 20% more power than normal motors.

Submersible Electric Motor Thrust Bearings

Heavy duty bearings provides the option to revolve both sides, has the capacity to carry high thrust load.

Submersible Electric Motor Mechanical Seal

Although mechanical seal is optionally used by other companies, it is always used by Us as a standard, to prevent sand and other particles to get in motors to provide long bearing life.

Chrome-plated bearing collet


Easy-to-mount output power cable

Pressure Balancing Checkvalve


Chrome-plated bearing collet

Chrome-plated and precisely machined bearing collets which are located in the radial bearings operating area, have great importance for bearing the rotor.

output power cable

Connection of the power cable to body is made practically by cable seal and seal cover. Power cables can be changed easilly without any damage.

Pressure Balancing Checkvalve

Pressure balancing checkvalves controls the pressure changes inside the motor. When the pressure increases, it throw water out of the motor. When the pressure drops, it filtrates the water inside well and gets it inside the motor by the help of this checkvalves to balance the pressure inside. That’s why pressure differences inside motor never causes membrane under motor to blow up.



Motor Power HP:

40 HP

Motor Power KW :

30 KW


380 VAC

Frequency L:

50 Hz


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