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Welcome to Soherwardia Engineering Corporation, your top destination for getting excellent Perkins Diesel Generators in Pakistan. At Soherwardia Engineering Corporation, we are happy to offer the best prices and great services for Perkins diesel generators. We guarantee you get the power solutions you need with total satisfaction.

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Why Choose Perkins Diesel Generators

Perkins PDG-200 Diesel Generator, When it comes to making power, Perkins generators are top notch. They are super efficient, reliable, and well built. That is why many people and businesses in Pakistan prefer them. At Soherwardi Engineering Corporation, we bring you the best of Perkins generators, backed by their trusted brand.

ModelPDG 200
Perkins Engine1106A-70TAG4
Standby Power Kva/KW220-176
Prime Power Kva/KW200-160
Frequency50 Hz
AlternatorMecc Alter /Stamford

Saving Fuel

Saving fuel is important nowadays. Perkins diesel generators are great at using fuel efficiently. Perkins Diesel Generators are designed well and perform great, helping you save money on fuel without losing power.

Strong and Durable

Quality matters a lot with power equipment. Perkins generators are built tough, so they last a long time even in tough conditions. With Soherwardi Engineering Corporation, you can trust that your Perkins generator will keep working well for years to come.

Lots of Choices

We know everyone’s power needs are different. That is why we offer many types of Perkins diesel generators to suit different needs. Whether you need power for your home, business, or something else, we have got the right Perkins generator for you.

Perkins PDG-200 Diesel Generator

Genuine Quality

We take pride in offering genuine Perkins generators. We get them straight from the factory in the UK, so you know you're getting the real deal. Every part is carefully made to meet Perkins' high standards, giving you quality you can rely on.

Making Your Generator Experience Better

At Soherwardia Engineering Corporation, we want to make sure you have the best experience with your generator. Alongside our Perkins diesel generators, we offer remarkable and quickest administrations and accomplices to make your diesel generator significantly more better.

Easy Power Calculations

Not sure how much power you need? Forget about it. Utilize our basic electric burden number cruncher (Coming Soon), to figure it out. Just click here to find out what generator size is right for you.

Explore Our Range

Want to see all the Perkins diesel generators we have. Look at our large number of items to track down the ideal generator for you.

Your Trusted Generator Partner

Soherwardia Engineering Corporation is your best choice for power solutions. With our great products and top notch service, we have earned the trust of customers all over Pakistan. Experience the Soherwardia Engineering Corporation's difference today with Perkins generators that are simply the best.

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