Narada MP 6-GFM-150F Battery

Narada MP 6-GFM-150F Battery Price In Pakistan

MP 12V, Standard, Front terminal

MP series, under the name of “Marathon Purpose”, is a front terminal VRLA battery too, but with more conservative design to ensure high reliability and long life. Front terminal and centralized venting system design makes MP series become popular product for standard 19”/21” cabinet since easier installation & maintenance. MP series is mainly designed for Telecom, UPS as a premium front terminal battery.


Narada MP 6-GFM-150F Battery Price In Pakistan

Technical Features

• AGM-Acid Valve-Regulated Lead Acid battery

• Premium design for higher reliability & performance
• Front terminal design suited for 19”/21” cabinet
• Strong handles for easy operation
• Patent Terminal sealing & front access
• Self-regulating pressure relief valve with flame arrester
• Terminal cover for insulation with flexible access
• Flame retardant ABS case (UL V-0, optional)
• Centralized H2 gas vent kit
• Comply with IEC, IEEE, UL, EN, CE standards, etc.
• Design life at 25°C (77°F): 12+ years

Main Applications

  • Solar
  • UPS
  • Communication

solar battery price in Pakistan – what is the battery – what is a solar battery

A solar battery is a device that converts solar energy into electrical energy. The solar battery can be used as a source of power generation. A solar cell converts sunlight into electrical energy by the use of semiconductor material. If a solar cell has demand, then the current out of the system is positive and must be brought to the storage device (battery or fuel cell) and allowed to recharge the supply accumulator. The capacity of the battery determines how much energy there is per unit volume over time.

Solar Battery Price in Pakistan

High-performance, Solar Battery Price In Pakistan efficient, and a high-quality solar battery range of solar batteries of different brands are included in the solar systems in Pakistan and their prices vary according to the capacity and technology. Soherwardiasolar aims to provide cost-effective and economical solar solutions to customers across all industries. So it adds affordable, low-cost batteries to keep the solar system economical and within everyone’s and everyone’s budget.

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Solar Batteries In Pakistan – High Performance, Efficient and High-Quality Solar batteries in order to use solar energy efficiently, batteries are integrated into solar systems as they serve as a backup when needed. Ideal for off-grid systems, these batteries maximize solar utilization and store electricity harvested from sunlight to meet energy needs. Equally suitable for a grid-connected solar system, the battery prevents excessive energy wastage.

Additionally, if you have the Net Metering Facility turned on, this unused solar power can be sold back to the grid. Soherwardiasolar believes in high-performance, efficient solar batteries that can withstand extreme weather conditions. Our solar systems have international standard equipment and batteries are one of the components selected after full testing.

The solar battery is a unit that converts solar energy into electrical energy

The solar battery is a unit that converts solar energy into electrical energy. A solar panel consists of multiple thin-film photovoltaic (PV) cells connected in series, parallel, or series/parallel configuration to produce continuous DC current. The term can also refer to the complete assembly including the tracking system and controller as well as associated wiring, mounting hardware, and other components required for its proper operation.

The term “battery” may refer to any device capable of storing electric charges such as lead-acid batteries or lithium-ion batteries, but more often it refers specifically to rechargeable batteries used in electric vehicles (EVs).

A battery is an electrical device that stores electrical energy temporarily.

A battery is an electrical device that stores electrical energy temporarily. It consists of one or more metal electrodes, immersed in a liquid electrolyte, that convert chemical energy into electrical energy. The word “battery” comes from the Latin battery (to beat) because it was once used to produce shock by connecting multiple cells in series.

The term “battery” also refers to a device using chemical reactions to generate electricity; these batteries are usually rechargeable and have high voltage potentials, although they can also be discharged with low voltages (as in lead–acid).

Solar panels and battery packs work together as one solar-photovoltaic system.

A solar panel and battery pack work together as one solar-photovoltaic system. The solar panel converts sunlight into electrical energy, while the battery pack stores the electrical energy.


Solar cells generate electricity directly from sunlight. The two most common types of solar cells are thin-film and amorphous silicon. Thin-film solar cells are used in applications where greater power output is needed and amorphous silicon is used for its more efficient conversion of sunlight into electricity by utilizing the entire incident spectrum in one photovoltaic process step.

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