LSP-7K Solar Tubewell Pakistan


LSP-7K Solar Tubewell Pakistan, Solar Tubewell Pumping system, Solar Tubewell Price offered by Soherwardia Solar Energy Pakistan.

Soherwardia Solar Energy offers wide range of solar Tubewell pumping system, powered by Tier 1 Top quality solar panels, such as Longi Solar, Canadian Solar, Trina Solar Panels, Jinko Solar Panels, equipped with MPPT Solar Pump inverter, Pole mounted or ground mounting solar panels structure (as per customer’s demand).

Submersible Water Pumps are manufactured with Stainless steel Grade AISI 304, which ensure the long life and durability, all stainless steel submersible pumps has 12 months warranty.

Solar Panels have 12 years warranty and 25 years limited workmanship warranty. Solar Pump Inverter has 12 Months Warranty. These all warranties baked by Soherwardia Solar Energy Pakistan.

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Revolutionizing Agricultural Dynamics with Soherwardia Pump's LSP-7K Solar Tubewell Pakistan

LSP-7K Solar Tubewell Pakistan, Solar Tubewell Pakistan, Solar Tubewell Price Pakistan, Solar Tubewell Pumping System Pakistan, In the throes of Pakistan's agricultural tribulations, Soherwardia Pump emerges as the bastion of optimism with its pioneering solar submersible pumping system, notably the LSP-7K Solar TubeWell Pakistan.

Positioned at the vanguard of ingenuity, Soherwardia Pump endeavours to proffer pragmatic and economical solar remedies, assuaging the acute water scarcity predicaments confronted by farmers. ​

Soherwardia Pump's Dedication to Affordable choices for Farmers

LSP-7K Solar Tubewell Pakistan

Soherwardia Pump Pakistan stands as a pioneer in outfitting cost-effective choices to individual agriculturists and enterprises too. Acknowledging the adversities posed by the escalating costs of fuel and the formidable abstraction of water through conventional means, our solutions are meticulously crafted to cater to the distinctive exigencies of farmers across Pakistan.


ModelLSP 7K
TypeSolar Tubewell System
PV Capacity (KW)8.5
PV Wattage (W)8500
Max. Voltage (V)800
SPI Power (KW)7.5
SPI Power (W)7500

Adaptability in Plan Standards

Our proficiencies transcend the confines of a uniform approach. At Soherwardia Pump Pakistan, we take pride in our skills in arranging Solar Tubewell Pumping Systems Pakistan of different sizes and different types for Agriculture Water Pumping Systems Pakistan.

From dealing with the prerequisites of individual farmers to guaranteeing a manageable water supply for whole villas, our  Solar Tubewell Pumping Systems Pakistan arise as the quintessential long haul goal, introducing an unmatched expense execution proportion for horticultural pursuits and consumable water.

Tackling Pakistan's Agricultural Energy Predicament

The agrarian landscape of Pakistan, sustaining 70 percent of its populace in rural enclaves, is beleaguered by an energy conundrum. The energy shortfall, be that as it may, has destroyed the work and obligation of farmers. The powerlessness to work pipeline wells because of power deficiencies and excessive diesel costs presents an impressive test.

Soherwardia Solar Tubewell Pumping systems Pakistan

In this age of misfortune, Soherwardia Siphon, previously Soherwardia Designing Partnership, arises as an imperative asset for Pakistani agriculturists. Our Sun powered Zarai Tubewell Pumping Systems proffers an elective energy repository, reducing the repercussions of the energy emergency on horticulture.

We grasp the monetary weights borne by farmers and proffer a practical panacea that lines up with their goals.

The Benefits of Solar Tubewell Pakistan

The solar-powered tube well can be considered a reliable and cost-effective means of providing irrigation water due to frequent load shedding and rising energy costs compared to tube wells powered by electricity or diesel.

Soherwardia Pump's Nationwide Encompassment

The commitment of Soherwardia Pump Pakistan transcends mere rhetoric; we actively dispense solar tube well and drip irrigation services to farmers across Pakistan. Our effort traverses significant cities like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Sargodha, Gujranwala, Multan, and bunch others. No nook or cranny of Pakistan lies beyond the purview of our services.

Soherwardia Pump's LSP-7K Solar Tubewell Pakistan takes center stage in the revolutionization of agriculture in Pakistan. Our obligation to offering reasonable, versatile, and practical arrangements positions us as the exemplification for farmers from one side of the country to the other.

As we embrace solar powered innovation, we stretch out a solicitation to ranchers to team up in producing a future where energy emergencies never again hinder horticultural thriving. Choose Soherwardia Pump for a verdant and more sustainable tomorrow.

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