Longi HIMO9 Solar Panels Technical Data

Longi HIMO9 Solar Panels Technical Data

Longi Solar Panels LR7-72HYD – Strong and Reliable Solar Panels

Longi HIMO9 Solar Panels Technical Data, Solar energy is a powerful way to create electricity from the sun. Longi LR7-72HYD, Famous series Longi Hi Mo9 solar panels are some of the best you can find. Longi HiMo9 Solar Panels are very strong, they work well, and last a long time. So Let us Today we will learn more about Longi HiMO9 Solar Panels technical details, what are they and how amazing the Longi HiMo9 solar panels.

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How Longi HiMo9 Solar Panels Work

The LR7-72HYD solar panels can make a lot of electricity. These longi solar panels can generated the power in between 625 to 660 watts of electricity power. Here are some of the very important details about the Longi HiMO6 Solar Panels:-

Voltage (Voc) – These panels have a voltage between 53.30 and 54.00 volts. Voltage is like the water pressure or flow, which push the electricity via wires.

Current (Isc) – The current is in between the 14.85 and 15.41 amps... Current is like the flow of the electricity…

Efficiency – These Longi solar panels are very brilliant and very efficient,,, meaning in a very simple and easy way that they turn a lot of sunlight into electricity because of their photo voltaic effects. The efficiency of the Longi Solar Panels is in between the 23.1% and 24.4%.

How Temperature Affects Them

Longi HIMO9 Solar Panels Technical Data

Solar panels can get hot, and this affects how well they work. The LR7-72HYD panels handle temperature changes well. For example

When it gets hotter, the voltage goes down a bit (-0.200% per degree Celsius)…

The power output goes down a little too (-0.260% per degree Celsius)…

The current increases slightly (+0.050% per degree Celsius)…

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Strong and Durable Design

These solar panels are built to last. Here are some key features:

Cell Layout – Each panel has 144 cells arranged in 6 rows of 24.

Junction Box – The box where the wires connect is very strong and keeps water and dust out (IP68 rating).

Glass – The panels have two layers of strong glass.

Solar Panels Frame – The Solar Panels frame is made with the anodized aluminum…

Size and Weight Each solar panel is 2382mm long, 1134mm wide, and 30mm thick… They weight is 33.5 kg.

Packaged They came well packed with 36 panels per pallet, 144 panels in a 20 foot container, and 720 panels in a 40 foot container…

Working Conditions

Longi HIMO9 Solar Panels Technical Data

These panels can work in many different places:

Temperature Range – They work well in temperatures from -40 to +85

System Voltage – These long solar panels can handle up to 1500 volts

Fuse Rating – The fuse, which protects the system, is rated for 30 amps

Nominal Operating Temperature – The normal working temperature is around 45

Longi Solar Panels are Strong Against The Weather

The LR7-72HYD panels are tested to handle tough weather:

Front Side Load – They can hold up to 5400 Pa of pressure, like heavy snow.

Back Side Load – They can handle 2400 Pa of pressure.

Hailstone Test – They can withstand hailstones that are 25mm (about the size of a quarter) hitting them at 23 meters per second.

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Warranties and Guarantees

LONGi Solar gives strong warranties for these panels:

Material and Processing Warranty12 years against any defects.

Power Output Warranty30 years. The panels will not lose more than 1% of their power in the first year and only 0.35% each year after.

Longi HIMO9 Solar Panels Technical Data

Quality and Safety Certifications

These Loni Solar panels have the many type of certifications as well as which means in a very simple way that they are safe and well made…

Quality and Environment Management – These longi solar panels are having the certifications, such as the ISO9001 2015, ISO14001 2015, and ISO45001 2018 standards.

Design and Safety – Certified by IEC 62941 and rated for fire safety (UL type 29, IEC Class C).

Longi HIMO9 Solar Panels Technical Data

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Longi solar LR7-72HYD solar panels are some of the best you can get. Longi Solar HiMo9 Solar Panels produce a lot of power, are very strong, and last a long time. The Longi HiMo9 Solar Panels are the great and the very 1st choice for those peoples who wants to use solar energy to make the electricity.

By choosing Longi Solar Panels HiMo9, you are picking a reliable and powerful way to use the sun energy. These longi solar panels will help you get the most out of solar power for many years.


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