Longi HiMO7 585 Watts Solar Panels Pakistan


Longi Hi MO LR7 72HGD Bi Facial Solar Panels

The Longi HiMO7 585 Watts Solar Panels Pakistan, made by The Longi Solar, which are specially designed to give the great performance and reliability. These solar panels are perfect for large power plants. They use advanced technology to make sure they produce the most energy.

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Product Features

High Performance PV Modules for Large Power Plants

Longi HiMO7 585 Watts Solar Panels Pakistan. The Longi HiMo7 Solar Panels are specially made for the big solar power plants. These Longi Solar Panels can produce  in between 585Watts and 620Watts of power, which means in a simple and easy that these longi solar panels can generate a huge amount of electricity for you.

Advanced HPDC Cell Technology

Longi solar uses the most Advanced HPDC Technology in these HIMO7 Solar Panels. The HPDC Cell Technology makes the solar panels very efficient in all the ways, which means in very simple way that these Longi solar panels can turn more sunlight into The electricity.

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Testing ConditionSTC
Max. Power (Pmax.W)585
Open Circuit Voltage51.89 (Voc/V)
Short Circuit Current14.25 (Isc/V)
Voltage at Max Power43.79 (Vmp/V)
Current at max power13.36 (Imp/A)
Efficiency (%)21.7

Longi HiMO7 585 Watts Solar Panels Pakistan

High Bifaciality

One special feature of these modules is their high bifaciality. This means they can collect sunlight from both the front and the back. This helps them work well even when temperatures change. More sunlight means more energy production.

Long-Term Performance Supported by Longi Lifecycle Quality

Longi is known for its high quality products. The Hi MO LR7 72HGD series is no different. They are made to last a long time and perform well for many years.


Longi provides strong warranties for these modules:

12-Year Warranty: This covers any problems with materials and how the modules were made.

30-Year Warranty: This guarantees that the modules will produce a lot of energy for a long time.

Longi HiMO7 585 Watts Solar Panels Pakistan

Efficiency and Power Output Range

The Longi HiMo7 Solar Panels are very efficient in all the way, having an efficiency ration of up to 23.0 percent... This means they can turn 23% of the sunlight they get into electricity. The Longi Hi Mo7 Solar Panels Can produce the power in between 585W and 620W of wattage.

The Power Degradation

These Longi Solar Panels lose a very little power over the time. In the first year, they will lose less than 1% of their total power or wattage, and after that, they will lose only 0.4% per year. This is the means that they will stay strong and produce a lot of power in the shape of electricity for the many years.

Dimensions and Weight

The Hi MO LR7 72HGD modules are 2382 x 1134 x 30 mm in size and weigh 33.5 kg. This makes them big enough to capture a lot of sunlight but still manageable for installation.

Cell Orientation

The modules have 144 cells arranged in a 6x24 pattern. This superior design of the Longi HIMo7 Solar Panels helps them to capture and convert more and more sunlight into the electricity.

Longi HiMO7 585 Watts Solar Panels Pakistan


The bifaciality of 80±5% means these modules can capture extra sunlight reflected from surfaces like the ground, boosting their energy production.

Fire Rating

These modules have a fire rating of UL type 29, IEC Class C, ensuring they meet fire safety standards.

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Mechanical Loading

Front Side Maximum Static Loading  5400Pa

Rear Side Maximum Static Loading  2400Pa

These Longi HiMo7 Solar Panels also pass the hailstone test, enduring 25mm hailstones at 23 m/s, this is simply proving that these longi solar panels are the tough against the harsh weather conditions… Longi is popular and well known for the modern innovation, quality, and sustainability, making them a trusted name in the solar industry.

The Hi MO LR7 72HGD Solar Panels by Longi are the extra normal efficacious solar panels, Longi HIMo7 Solar Panels are especially designed to be efficacious in all the way as well as reliable, and durable. With the advanced Solar Cell engineering and high bifaciality, these Longi Solar Panels are the idealistic for the large power plants.

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These Solar panels was manufactured by the alcoholic warranties and transnational certifications, these Longi Solar Panels are an first class option for generating solar vigor on a large scale...

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Longi Himo7 Bifacial Solar Panels


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