Longi Hi-MO 6 Solar Panels Technical

Longi Hi-MO 6 Solar Panels Technical Specifications

Longi Hi-MO 6 Solar Panels Technical Specifications, and more specially the LR5 72HTH 560 to 580M Longi solar panels, represent the highest rank in the solar panel technology today. Longi Solar panels are specially made for the excellent out put efficiency and long life, the Longi Solar Panels Hi-Mo 6 is well engineered for the distribution industry specially. Let us discuss the some technical specifications of the Longi Hi-MO 6 Solar Panels and specially the features which make the Longi Hi-MO 6 solar panels a specific part as one of the best investments in the solar panels systems.

Main Features of Longi Hi-MO 6 Solar Panels

Innovative Design and High Yield The Longi Hi-MO 6 series of solar panels features an extreme aesthetic, minimalistic design that significantly boosts the visual appeal and energy yield of the module. These modules are engineered to maintain high efficiency under versatile environmental conditions, ensuring a stable and reliable level of energy.

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Longi provides strong warranty terms for the Hi-MO 6 series, including

15 years for the material and workmanship warranty

25 years for the linear power output warranty These warranties certainly speak volumes about the strength of quality and durability in Longi products and give you confidence in each of your long-term investments.

Electrical Characteristics

Maximum Power Longi Hi-MO 6 solar panels generate a high-rated maximum output power of 560W up to 580W under standard test conditions. This is a very strong power output and a true example of the panel’s efficiency in producing huge levels of energy even under different levels of sunlight.

Module Efficiency the Hi-MO 6 series is up to 22.5% of module efficiency, which is the best in terms of solar paneling high-efficiency rates. This high efficiency implies that more energy is produced per square meter, making them great in maximizing space.

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Voltage and Current Ratings

Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) approximately 51.61V to 52.21V.

Short Circuit Current (lsc) approximately 13.94A to 14.20A.

Voltage at Maximum Power (Vmp) approximately 43.46V to 44.06V.

Current at Maximum Power (Imp) approximately 12.89A to 13.17A. The stated electrical characteristics make it logical for the panels to effectively accept the sun rays and convert them into workable electricity, thereby maximizing the general energy output of the system.

Mechanical Characteristics

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions 2278 x 1134 x 30 mm.

Weight – 27.2 kg. The dimensions and weight of the panel have been designed to be conveniently erected and used in a variety of solar energy systems.

Cell Orientation the Longi Hi-MO 6 panels have a cell orientation of 144 cells (6×24), which serves to reduce general shading and maximize the collection of energy.

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Environmental and Operational Parameters

Operational Temperature Range the Longi Hi-MO 6 panels are designed to have an operational temperature range between -40°C and +85°C. This wide operating range sets up that the panels can be used effectively in diverse climatic conditions.

Maximum System Voltage The maximum voltage that these panels can stand across a system has been rated at 1500V DC (IEC/UL). This sets up the ability of the panels to work effectively with modern solar inverters and be able to service large-scale solar installations.

Maximum Static Loading

Maximum allowed load on Front Side – 5400Pa.

Maximum allowed load on Rear Side – 2400Pa.

This high load tolerance ensures the durability and robustness of the panels in regions of heavy snowfall or high wind pressures.

Hailstone Test Longi Hi-MO 6 panels are tested to resist 25mm hailstones at a speed of 23m/s. This means that the panel has enough endurance to impacts making it best for installations in areas covered by harsh weather conditions.

Temperature Coefficients

Isc +0.050%/°C

Voc -0.230%/°C

Pmax -0.290%/°C

The temperature coefficients give information about the temperature dependence of electrical parameters of the panel and how the efficiency of the panel remains to be acceptable, even when there is a temperature variation.

Packaging and Shipping

Packaging Details

Per Pallet – 36 pcs.

Per 20 feet GP Container – 180 pcs.

Per 40 feet HC Container – 720 pcs.

Proper packaging is done to ensure that the panels are safely transported and easily handled during transportation and installation.

Longi Hi-MO 6 Solar Panels Technical Specifications

Equipped with state of the art technology plus a robust built structure, Longi Hi-MO 6 solar panels are designed to give unparalleled performance and a long life span. Electrical and mechanical characteristics plus certification and warranty details, among others, make Longi Hi-MO 6 the panel par excellence when dealing with the best candidate for any solar energy project—an assurance of performance and reliability.


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