LAR100 2-2KW Solar Pump Inverter


LAR100 2-2KW Solar Pump Inverter.

2.2 KW MPPT Solar Pump Inverter.

The 3-phase in, 3-phase out solar pump inverter is environmentally friendly with a long lifetime and lower maintenance costs. Built-in MPPT ensures you get the best output power and optimises the performance of water pump solar Inverter along the day as it starts and stops automatically based on the intensity of solar radiation.

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LAR100 2-2KW Solar Pump Inverter

A complete solar pumping system. Consists of Solar Array, Pump and Solar Pumping Invert er.  LAR100 Series Solar Pumping Invert er.  can convert the DC power. from Solar PV Array to AC power to run pump motors.

Solar Array, an aggregation of many solar modules. connected in series and parallel. Absorbs sunlight irradiation and converts it into electrical energy. providing dynamical water for the whole system.

Inverter Controls the System operation and adjust the output frequency in real time. according to the variation of sunlight intensity. to realize the maximum power point tracking (MPPT).

Pump, drive by 3 Phase AC motor, can draw water from the deep wells or rivers and lakes to pour into the storage tank or reservoir , or directly connect to the irrigation system, fountain system, etc.


●Apply to all kinds of single phase or 3 phase AC induction motor.
●With infineon IGBT.Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm for dynamic VI,fast response speed.
●Good stability,the efficiency of MPPT 99.99%.

●Both AC and DC input,but can not use DC and AC at the same time.
●For single phase inverter,MPPT working voltage is 180~450V.
●For three phase inverter,MPPT working voltage is 250~800V.

●Remote control,support RS323/RS485 protocol.
●Outdoor working environment temperature:-10~+50℃.
●Start in the morning and stop in the late afternoon full automatically.

●Full protections:overload,over current,over voltage,under voltage,short circuit,dry pumping etc.
●PV reversed connection protection.


Additional information



Rated Power (KW):

2.2 KW

Input DC Voltage:

800 VDC

MPPT Voltage:

540-630 VDC

Output Voltage:

3 Ph – 380-415 VAC

Output Frequency:

0-60 Hz

Max. DC Input Current:


Rated Output AC Current:

5.1 A


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