JD Submersible Pump100QJD2-14: Unrivaled Excellence in Water Pump Technology


JD Submersible Pump Price Pakistan – At the heart of Jiadi’s triumph lies the state-of-the-art manufacturing prowess nestled in Zhejiang and Jiangsu Provinces.  These offices, a certifiable exemplification of broad capacities, en-compass a wide reach, This going from cutting edge innovative work to exactness anticipating, link creation, capacitor fabricating, and the development of siphons and engines. The consistent incorporation of testing, sales, and service elevates Jiadi to the zenith of water pump innovation.

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JD Pump Headquarters in Wenling, Zhejiang: A Historic Hub

JD Submersible Pump100QJD2-14, Jiadi's headquarters in the city of Wenling, Zhejiang Province, holds historical significance as the "land of water pump" in China. This isn't just a company; it's a inheritance immovably grounded in a location soaks in a rich history of water pump manufacturing.

Jiangsu Production Base: A Monument of Expansion

Established in 2010, the Jiangsu production base sprawls over an impressive 1,000,000 square meters, a testament to Jiadi's commitment to excellence. This extension increments creation limit as well as sets the reason for future development, with a third creation unit in the dynamic stages. Jiadi is not just keeping it up but it is making a broad way for industry advancement and development.

Technical Data and Specifications of JD Submersible Pump 100QJD2-14

Maximum Flow and Capacity

The JD Submersible Pump100QJD2-14 isn't just a pump; it's a water-moving maestro. With a maximum flow rate reaching up to 4m³/hr, it becomes an indispensable ally in scenarios demanding a water volume extravaganza. Versatility is its middle name, with a capacity range from 1.5 to 2.5m³/hr, proving equally adept at quenching domestic thirst or irrigating vast agricultural expanses.

Minimum to Maximum Head

JD submersible Pump wonder boasts a head range from 28m to an awe-inspiring 214m. Need to draw water from the abyss of deep wells or boreholes? The 100QJD2 JD JD submersible pump isn't just up for the challenge; it's engineered for it. Thriving in low water table environments, its high head operation capability sets it apart from the rest.

Maximum Diameter of Pump

Compact yet powerful, the 100QJD2 JD submersible pump flaunts a slender profile with a diameter of 93mm. It effectively fits into wells and bore holes, which is a extra ordinary space-saving accomplishment. Its restricted profile likewise implies moving in close wells without requesting broad modifications is prepared.

JD Water Pump Applications:

  • Building/construction work/ domestic water supply;
  • Agricultural irrigation and small water station;
  • Landscaping, fountain and swimming pool;
  • Water conservancy system;
  • Industrial water supply,
  • Pump water from deep well;
  • Solar water system, etc.

Minimum Required Well-Casing Size

Versatility is the game, and the 100QJD2 JD submersible pump plays it well. Requiring a minimum well casing size of 4 inches, it aligns seamlessly with a spectrum of well sizes. Along with for domestic usage or agricultural boreholes, this pump is primed for ideal execution.

Technical Specifications (50Hz)

  • Model: 100QJD2-14
  • Volt: 220 VAC/Single Phase
  • Motor Power (KW): 1.1
  • Motor Power (HP): 1.5
  • Head (H) up to 94m
  • Flow (Q) up to 4.5 m3/hr
  • R.P.M 2850
  • Outlet: 1″ – 1 1/4″

In the symphony of water pump technology, Jiadi's JD Submersible Pump100QJD2-12 takes center stage. Its un-matched capabilities, coupled with the tradition of craftsmanship, position it as the sample of excellence. When you need more than just a pump – when you need a water-moving virtuoso – Jiadi answers the call.

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