JA Solar Panels 570W-590W Pakistan

JA Solar Panels 570W-590W Pakistan

The JA Best Solar Panels with New Technology

The JA Solar Panels 570W-590W Pakistan, Model JAM72D40 GB solar panels are the best and top choice of renewable energy world in Pakistan. JA Solar Panels uses the most advanced N type bifacial double glass solar cell technology and are providing the excellent output performance and long life.

So let us study now with care, we was going to open the main features and the benefits of JA Solar Panels successive JAM72D40 GB as well as we also showed you that why this JA Solar panels model is one of the best option for solar vigor arranging and why you should have chose JA Solar Panels for your Residential solar vigor system, Commercial Solar Energy systems or Agriculture Solar Tubewell Systems.

High Power Output and Efficiency

The JAM72D40 GB offers a power output of up to 595W, which is very high for solar panels. With 144 cells arranged in a 6x24 layout, this panel achieves an impressive module efficiency of 22.1% to 23.0%. this is very simple to understand that this JA Solar Panels can produce easily a lot of power even when the weather conditions is not good enough.

Great Electrical Performance

  • Under Standard Test Conditions (STC), the JAM72D40 GB performs exceptionally well:
  • Rated Maximum Power (Pmax) - 570W to 595W
  • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) - 51.52V to 52.58V
  • Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp) - 43.62V to 44.64V
  • Short Circuit Current (Isc) - 13.74A to 13.99A
  • Maximum Power Current (Imp) - 13.07A to 13.33A

These numbers show that the panel can deliver consistent and reliable energy.

The JAM72D40 GB is built to last. It measures 2278±2mm x 1134±2mm x 30±1mm and weighs 31.8 kg. The double glass (2.0mm front and back) construction protects against weather and other stress. The IP68 rated junction box with three diodes ensures it performs well even in tough conditions.

Cable and Connector Details The panel comes with cables of clear cut lengths for clear cut readiness styles Portrait 300mm and 400mm Landscape 1300mm It uses QC 4.10 35/MC4 EVO2A connectors, which are unquestionable and easy to use. Wide Operating Conditions The JAM72D40 GB could work in temperatures from 40°C to +85°C,' making it appropriate for single climates.

The maximal transcription possible is 1500VDC as well as ' and it could deal a maximal unchanging load of 5400Pa on the front and 2400Pa on the back. This makes the panel very iron and reliable.

Temperature Performance Isc +0.045% per Celsius Voc 0.250% per Celsius Max 0.290% per Celsius These numbers mean the panel lost very small efficiency in high temperatures,' which is great for hot areas. It also has a Safety Class II rating and Fire Performance of UL Type 29/Class C, ensuring it is safe to use.

Bifacial Technology

The bifacial design of the JAM72D40 GB, with 80%±10% bifaciality, allows it to capture sunlight from both sides. Bifacial technology JA Solar panels increase the amount of the energy and these solar panels can produce the enough power especially in the areas which have reflective surfaces.

Long Warranty JA Solar Panels

The JAM72D40 GB comes with a 12 years product warranty and a 30 years the power output performance warranty. These JA Solar panels have a very low degradation rate of 1% in the first year and 0.4% per year there after. This means it will continue to produce energy reliably for a long time.

Additional Benefits

Higher Power Generation  Advanced cell technology and bifacial design lead to more energy production.

Better LCOE  Lower Levelized Cost of Electricity due to high efficiency and long term reliability.

Lower LID  Reduced Light Induced Degradation means consistent performance.

Better Temperature Coefficient  Maintains efficiency in hot weather.

Better Low Light Performance Performs well even in low light,' ensuring successive vigor production. The JAM72D40 GB star jury is a leading option in star technology.

JA Solar Panels 570W-590W Pakistan

JA Solar Panels 570W-590W Pakistan

It combines the high ability output, the smashing yield efficiency, and the alcoholic building of JA Solar Panels. it was not the liaison that these JA Solar Panels are for home or commercialized use,' the advanced features and the strength make JA Solar Panels an first class investing in star energy.


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