Hi-MO 6 Longi 575W Price Pakistan


At the forefront of cutting-edge technology and sustainable energy solutions stands the Hi-mo 6 Longi 575W Solar Panel price Pakistan. This photovoltaic module rises above traditional productivity principles with its momentous plan and unrivaled energy age execution. Whether for residential or commercial applications, the Hi-mo 6 Longi 575W Solar Panel Pakistan offers a reliable and sustainable energy solution supported by an impressive warranty and generation guarantee.

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Unveiling Innovative Technology: HPBC (Hybrid Passivated Back Contact)

Hi-MO 6 Longi 575W Price Pakistan , The Hi-mo 6 Longi 575W Solar Panel introduces revolutionary HPBC technology, boasting enhanced temperature coefficients and reduced degradation. Its mono-facial cell configuration, comprising 144 (72) half-cut cells, is engineered for optimal module efficiency at an outstanding 22.50%. Notably, the temperature coefficient of Pmax stands at an impressive -0.290%/℃, ensuring consistent performance across diverse climates.

Hi-MO 6 Longi 575W Price Pakistan

Robust Design and Specifications

Crafted with precision, this solar panel showcases a silver-framed design with dimensions measuring 2278 x 1134 x 35 cm and weighs 27.5kg. The powerful form integrates a 1,400mm link with MC4-EVO2 connectors and a split box, guaranteeing consistent establishment and solidness.

Maximum power (Pmax/W)575
Open-circuit voltage (Voc/V)52.06
Short circuit current (Isc/A)14.14
Peak power voltage (Vmp/V)43.91
Peak power current (Imp/A)13.10

Application and Market Suitability

The versatility of the Hi-mo 6 Longi 575W Solar Panel extends to diverse markets, serving as an ideal solution for distribution markets due to its simple yet modern design. Whether incorporated into private or business projects, its unwavering quality and remarkable exhibition settle on it a favored decision.

Warranty and Customer Assurance

Backed by an impressive warranty and generation guarantee, customers can trust in the enduring quality and consistent energy output of the Hi-mo 6 Longi 570W Solar Panel. Only logged-in customers who have purchased the product can leave reviews, ensuring authentic feedback from verified users.

Technical Specifications:

  • Cell Orientation: 144 (6×24)
  • Junction Box: IP68
  • Output Cable: 4mm2, +400, -200mm/±1400mm length customization available
  • Glass: Single glass, 3.2mm coated tempered glass
  • Frame: Anodized aluminum alloy frame
  • Packaging: 31pcs per pallet / 155pcs per 20’ GP / 620pcs per 40’ HC

Frequently Bought Together

Customers seeking a comprehensive solar solution often combine the Hi-mo 6 Longi 570W Solar Panel with compatible components like solar inverters, amplifying the efficiency and performance of their solar systems.

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This extensive survey of the Greetings mo 6 Longi 575W Sunlight based charger underlines its mechanical predominance, strong plan, market relevance, and client affirmation, expecting to give significant experiences and data to potential clients looking for productive sun oriented arrangements.

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