HD SCPM 45 Handuro DC Pump


Using Sun Power for Better Water Pumping

HD SCPM 45 Handuro DC Pump, At Soherwardia Solar Energy, we are feeling happy to introducing new things that work well and help the Earth. Handuro DC Water Pump, such as SCPM series is the DC Monoblock pump series, it runs directly on sun energy and provide you un interrupted water flow,

Handuro SCPM DC Monoblock pump, is one of these things. Handuro DC Monoblock pump helps you move water using the power of sunlight. Let us discuss about why you should buy to use it.

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Good Things about Handuro DC Pump

Strong Motor

HD SCPM 45 Handuro DC Pump, Handuro SCPM DC Monoblock pump has a special motor that uses magnets. It works better than regular AC motors, this extra ordinary quality DC motor is 15% to 30% better at moving water. This means it uses less power DC Power and helps the planet.

Helps the Earth

Handuro DC Pump uses the Sun power (via sunlight), which is clean and good for the Earth.  Solar panels, batteries, or regular electricity can be use to make it properly run. This is simple in meanings that you can have water without hurting the environment.

ModelHD-SCPM45-17-1500 A/D
AC Voltage110V-240
DC Voltage60V-430
P2 KW1.5
P2 HP2
Max Flow45 m3/hr
Max Head17m
PV Power>2000W

Keeps Safe

Handuro DC Pump has lots of safety features. It would not break if it is too full or too empty. It also would not break if it gets too hot. This keeps the Handuro SCPM DC Pump working well for a long time.

Works Smart

Handuro DC pump is really smart. It knows how to use the Sun power in the best way possible. This helps it work well even if the weather changes.

HD SCPM 45 Handuro DC Pump

Lasts a Long Time

Handuro DC Pump lasts longer than other pumps. You won't have to replace it as often. Handuro DC Monoblock pump saves your money and helps our planet too.

Where You Can Use It

Handuro DC pump is useful in many places, such as

For Growing Food

You can use it to water crops. Handuro DC Monobloc pump helps you to grow more food while using less energy and water. It's good for those farmers who want to help the earth and want to save money and want to prevent from extra expenses.

For Drinking Water

you can use it to get clean drinking water. This Handuro DC monoblock pump can be used in those places where clean water is hard to find. handuro DC Monoblock pump keep people healthy by providing neat and clean water.

HD SCPM 45 Handuro DC Pump

For Homes and Jobs

you can use it at home or at work. It is specially the good for things suc as watering plants or giving animals water. It helps people do things without needing a lot of power, the simple in meaning handuro dc monoblock pump is energy efficient and consume low power.

HD SCPM 45 Handuro DC Pump

Getting our Sun Water Pump helps you save power and helps the Earth. You can get one from Soherwardia Solar Energy. Please make a contact to us if you want to know more. join us work together to make things better even the best.

Contact us by whats aap given below or Email to us, if you want to learn more about using the Sun to move water. Join us to make the world a better place all of us together.

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