GD100-PV Series Solar Pump VFD: Revolutionizing Solar-Powered Water Pumping Solutions

GD100-PV Series Solar Pump VFD

At Soherwardia Solar Energy, we are extremely proud to present our state-of-the-art GD100-PV Series Solar Pump VFD. This advance ment changes the adequacy and natural friendli ness of solar water pumping systems. Specifically designed for use with both single-phase/three-phase 220V and three-phase 380V solar water pump VFDs, this series provides an outstanding power range from 0.4kW to an impressive 110KW. Let’s explore further the array of features and advantages that recognize our GD100-PV Series from others in the market.


Extensive Voltage Range and Power Flexibility

The GD100-PV Series offers unparalleled adaptability in voltage levels and power spans. It effortlessly accommodates both single and three-phase inputs, catering to 220V and 380V systems. With its wide field of activity, this flexible approach ensures similarity, settling on it a significant decision for various sun based siphoning applications.

Effortless Operation

The GD100-PV Series combines simplicity with functionality. Complex parameter setups are a thing of the past. By seamlessly connecting the photovoltaic panel to the VFD, the system automatically initiates without requiring manual intervention after powering on. This easy to understand configuration smoothens activities, giving issue free usefulness.

Robust Protection Measures

Safety and longevity take precedence in our design philosophy. The GD100-PV Series comes equipped with a myriad of protection functions. These incorporate shields against PV over-voltage, PV extremity switch association cautions, and over-temperature programmed derating. These activities with everything taken into account grow the thing’s future while ensuring strong and secure errands.


Advanced MPPT Algorithm

Experience unparalleled solar power tracking efficiency with our Advanced MPPT algorithm. Accomplishing a great almost 100% proficiency, this innovation streamlines power usage, upgrading generally speaking framework execution.

Boost Module Integration

Models with power ratings of 2.2KW and below offer an optional boost module. This component takes care of low voltage tasks, diminishing the prerequisite for broad sun powered charger designs. Thusly, it fundamentally brings down the general framework cost, introducing a savvy arrangement without compromising execution.

For enhanced convenience and accessibility, the GD100-PV Series supports an optional GPRS module. This re-conciliation empowers remote checking through PC website pages and portable applications. Stay connected and monitor the system status effortlessly from anywhere, ensuring optimal performance.

Seamless AC/DC Switching Scheme

Our product lineup excels in its capability to seamlessly switch between PV DC input and grid AC input. This use fulness guarantees continuous activity, making it reason able for situations ex-pecting non stop activity without consistent over sight.

IP54 Answer for Improved Strength

We understand the significance of durability in varying environmental conditions. Hence, our GD100-PV Series supports IP54 grade cabinet solutions, ensuring robust protection against dust and water ingress. This component more develops the thing’s life hope, making it reason-able for fetching normal settings.

GD100-PV Series Solar Pump VFD

For detailed technical specifications and operational guidance, refer to the accompanying resources:

    • GD100-PV Series Sun powered Siphon VFD Manual
    • GD100-PV Energy Proficiency Accreditation Report
    • Help Module for GD100-PV/GD170-PV Manual
    • GD100-Photovoltaic Series Manual (Spanish)

At Soherwardia Solar Energy,  we are committed to delivering innovative solutions that redefine industry standards. The GD100-PV Series remains as a demonstration of our commitment to effectiveness, maintainability, and unwavering quality in sun based controlled water siphoning frameworks.

Reach us today to know more how the GD100-PV Series photovoltaic inverter can lift your errands and embrace a more suitable future.

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