FPS6-17/19 Tubewell Pump


FPS6-17 Tubewell Pump, has been designed specially for Rural and Urban areas Agriculture, Irrigation, Water Supply needs.

FPS6-17 Product Features:

FPS6 Series stainless steel submersible Tubewell Pump’s Compact, reliable and hydraulic design are ensure the high overall efficiency and less energy consumption are making the low running cost of pumping system.

FPS6-17 Tubewell Pump Material:

High-quality fabricated stainless steel delivery casing, suction piece, impellers and diffusers for corrosion resistance and for long and trouble-free life.

Tubewell-Pump General Information:
  • Long life
  • High efficiency
  • High durability and easy installation
  • Easy service
  • Flange with NEMA standards
  • Water lubricated rubber bearing
  • Built-in check valve to prevent backflow

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FPS6-17/19 Tubewell Pump

FPS6-17/19 Tubewell Pump, A tubewell Pump or A Submersible Pump (or Sub Pump, Electric Submersible Pump) is a device that has a hermetically sealed motor close-coupled to the pump body. The whole assembly is submerged in the fluid to be pumped.

The main advantage of this type of pump is that it prevents pump cavitation. Electric tubewell pumps are multistage centrifugal pumps operating in a vertical position, liquids, accelerated by the impeller, lose their kinetic energy in the diffuser, where a conversion of kinetic to pressure energy takes place. FPS6-17 Tubewell Pump, Solar Tubewell Pump

This is the main operational mechanism of radial and mixed-flow pumps.

Main Applications:

  • Domestic Water Supply.
  • Industrial Water Supply.
  • Commercial Water Supply.
  • Industrial Cooling Process.
  • Fire Fighting Systems.
  • Solar Tubewell Pump
  • Shower and Running Irrigation.
  • Agriculture and Sprinkler Systems.
  • Mining industry, drainage and de-watering.

FPS6-17-19 Tubewell Pump Construction Material

Pump Casing:          AISI 304 S.S

Outlet:                       AISI304S.S

Inlet:                         AISI 304 S.S

Diffuser:                   AISI 304 S.S

Impeller:                 AISI 304 S.S


FPS6-17/19 Tubewell Pump

FPS6-17 Stainless Steel Submersible pumps are specially designed, with the use of the latest manufacturing techniques. Years of experience, superior design, and better manufacturing techniques have resulted in the development of this range of pumps. FPS6-17 Tubewell Pump

which is efficient and reliable in operation. Strict quality assurance standards during the total process assure trouble-free and reliability in operation requiring minimum maintenance.

The pump range consists of many pump sizes available with an optional number of stages to match any duty point.

ModelMotor PowerCapacity L.P.M (Liters Per MinuteVoltage (V)/HzMotor Dia (in)
HPKWHead in Meters (m)
FPS6 17/55.5454473516220/506
FPS6 17/65.5464564219220/506
FPS6 17/77.55.575664923220/506
FPS6 17/87.55.586755626220/506
FPS6 17/97.55.596846329380/506
FPS6 17/10107.5107947032380/506
FPS6 17/11107.51181037736380/506
FPS6 17/12107.51281128439380/506
FPS6 17/1315111391229142380/506
FPS6 17/15151116114010549380/506
FPS6 17/17151118215911955380/506
FPS6 17/18151119316912658380/506
FPS6 17/19201520317813362380/506
FPS6 17/21201522519714768380/506
FPS6 17/23201524621516175380/506
FPS6 17/24201525722516878380/506
FPS6 17/25201526823417581380/506
FPS6 17/282518.530026219791380/506
FPS6 17/302518.532128121197380/506
FPS6 17/333022353309232107380/506
FPS6 17/363022385337253117380/506
FPS6 17/404030428375281130380/506
FPS6 17/434030460403302140380/506
FPS6 17/474030503440330153380/506

Due to Continuous Professional Development, Specifications may change without any prior Notice.

Max. Sand Protection

Stainless Steel Parts

NPT & Metric Thread

Max. Sand Protection

Rubber bearings are water lubricated and have sand channel that makes it possible the sand particles leave the pump with pumped liquid.

Stainless Steel Parts

Manufacturing stainless steel diffusers, impellers, suction case and discharge case provides maximum strength, durability, wear and tear resistance.

NPT & Metric Thread

FPS6 Submersible pumps have NPT and Metric threaded connection according to NEMA standart.

Applications of Tubewell Submersible Pump

Tubewell water pumps have always been a necessity in all regions of Pakistan due to the lack of sufficient rainfall, scattered rainfall patterns, and insufficient water sources.

In this scenario, it is necessary to extract the groundwater using a Tubewell submersible pump. This type of pump remains submerged in water while being sealed in an air-tight manner.

Our Tubewell Submersible Pumps Can Be Used For

  • Groundwater extraction in large quantity
  • Farm irrigation
  • Water extraction for firefighting
  • Deep well drilling
  • Water supply to various residential and industrial building
  • Sewage handling systems

Why Choose Us?

We are a Pakistan-based borewell /Tubewell submersible pump supplier and deliver our product to the whole country. Bringing along years of expertise, innovation, and a great dealer network. From the first day of our journey,m we have been successful in providing customer-centric and the finest quality service to our clients. That’s why we have become the pioneer in supplying and installing highly durable Tubewell pumps and motors.

Satisfied Customers

A satisfied customer is our highest achievement. Keep us constantly striving to serve our clients with integrity and quality. Focusing on this goal with vigorous team efforts, we intend to serve you from the extensive and up-to-date industry knowledge and delivery only the best.

Quality Assurance

We can import Tubewell pumps and use sophisticated technology and modern manufacturing units in order to provide our clients with durable international submersible motors/pumps and domestic submersible pumps.

At present, our product range of borewell submersible pumps is from 75 mm (3”) to 250 mm (10”) in size and power ranges from 0.75 – 175 HP.

Why choose Qalseen Pump for Tubewell /Solar Tubewell

  • Finest quality materials are Used
  • Virgin copper is used in stator windings to ensure a minimum, loss of power
  • Thrust bearings can handle different thrust loads due to their robust design.
  • Shafts made of the finest quality stainless steel ensure the smooth performance of the pump set.
  • Stainless steel jackets protect motors from water.

Happy Clients

Happy clients are proof of how reliable a service is and by the grace of Almighty Allah Alkarem, we have a vast number of happy clients which has led us to expand our services to 12 cities.

Feel Free

Feel free and without any hesitation please call or what’s app us at (+92 313 5952377) or email us at info@soherwardiasolar.com


Additional information


Vertical Multistage Submersible Pump


Stainless Steel

Discharge Nozzle:

2.5 Inches (Optional 3")

Special Feature:

Energy Efficient Best Tubewell Pump for Solar Tubewell Pumping System


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