Energy Auditing


Our energy audit services can further provide a range of additional benefits. The findings of an energy audit can be a good reference for your management in supporting commercial decisions. You can acquire a sustainable reputation with your customers. As the law or policy for energy efficiency will be enacted sooner or later; earlier preparation can enhance your competitiveness

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Our audit provides you with a clear understanding of energy consumption in your buildings and facilities. Quantitative findings can provide substantial practical guidelines for:

  • Continuous improvement in production efficiency
  • Identifying cost saving opportunities in energy efficiency

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The issue of energy consumption has been a growing interest across all industry sectors not only because of its immediate impact on production costs but also because of its considerable impact on environmental sustainability. A diverse range of industries have already experienced improved energy and production efficiency following our energy audit services.

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We make full use of our experience in the areas of technology and service and our strong partnerships with leading manufacturers. We provide our customers with full support, from consulting, through planning and pv installation, to system start-up. We are the ideal and ongoing partner for photo voltaic projects in Pakistan.

Our Services

  • Advice with a practical orientation and inspection of the property
  • Calculation of the potential usable area
  • Detailed technical planning and development of an individual technical concept
  • PV installation of the assembly system, modules, inverters, and data communication system
  • Installation of DC and AC cables
  • Connection of all components
  • Commissioning and start-up of the complete pv installation
  • Our photo voltaic project management
  • Establishment and coordination of the project team
  • Project planning and coordination of all dates and milestones with the person responsible
  • On-time project monitoring and control of the construction
  • Compliance with deadlines and acceptance inspections
  • Reporting and documentation
  • Organization of regular project meetings with log reports

Energy Efficiency & Comfort Services!

Energy Conservation Solutions provides energy efficient home improvements for your home, helping you to save money and become energy-independent.

Energy conservation means not only saving energy, but reducing energy costs. SOHERWARDIA SOLAR works with Industrial, commercial, public and non-profit organizations to provide complete energy conservation services. Initially, we assists the client in identifying areas where energy could be saved by conducting a scoping site visit. SOHERWARDIA SOLAR also performs technical analysis studies, providing the client with a thorough, professional report of our findings. Finally, SOHERWARDIA SOLAR assists the client with incentive applications.

SOHERWARDIA SOLAR identifies and analyzes electrical energy efficiency measures, providing cost reduction for existing and new commercial establishments, as well as complex Industrial and agricultural facilities.


Energy Audit!

SOHERWARDIA SOLAR specializes in saving energy for our clients. We conduct audits on:


  • – Commercial Facilities
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Public and Non-Profit Establishments
  • Schools
  • – Utility Billing Audits

Saving energy means saving money which increases your bottom line so that you can run your business more efficiently and reap more profit. In our audits, we analyze your current energy use and existing conditions, research all potential energy savings measures, as well as calculate project costs, energy savings, and your return on investment. Finally,  we suggest alternate energy solution i.e. Solar PV system or Wind Energy Solution and, if desired, we will assist you as an alternate energy solution provider and/or Alternate Energy Solution Consultant to look after your solar/wind project.


We take pride in our work and uphold the highest ethical standards to make sure you have a most positive experience with us.



SOHERWARDIA SOLAR also available to provide overall project management including technical, utility, environmental and governmental coordination. SOHERWARDIA SOLAR’s project management team can ensure smooth, fast, and fully-coordinated implementation of your energy project.

Postal adress: D-11 Taj Mahall Market Opp UBL Bank City Saddar Road Rawalpindi

Phone: (051) 5750-571


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