Cummins CDG 100 Diesel Generator


Cummins CDG 100 Diesel Generator, when we think about diesel power generator which is reliable, efficient and long operational and trouble free life than the 1 name in diesel generators line comes in mind as a click and that is the Cummins Diesel Generators.

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Cummins CDG 100 Diesel Generator, is especially designed, manufactured and engineered to meet with your diverse requirements, could supply you un interrupted power supply and have energy efficient features, so in this condition Cummins CDG 100 Diesel Generator is a bright example of Cummins which fulfill your requirements.

Excellent output Performance

When the matter is about to ensure you the smooth run operations without any problem, the Cummins CDG 100 Diesel Generator step up to the plate. With a power of 100 KVA this Cummins CDG 100 Diesel Generator is more than ability to handle the heavy electricity load requirements of commercial, hospitals, shopping malls and others.

Whether it is powering necessary equipment or providing backup during un expected outages, this diesel power generator set never fails to deliver.

ModelCDG 100
Engine 6BT5.9-G2
Standby Power (KVA)115
Standby Power (KW)92
Prime Power (KVA)107.5
Prime Power (KW)86
Frequency50 Hz
AlternatorMecc Alte Brushless

Reliability Redefined

In the world of diesel power generation, dependability isn't debatable. The Cummins CDG 100 Diesel Generator is designed with this rule at its center. This Cummins diesel generator is prepared with a long life Cummins diesel engine, the Cummins diesel engines are very famous for their toughness and high productivity, this generator makes possible continuous activity even in the hard circumstances. The diesel engine is manufactured by Cummins who have the years of designing ability and excellent quality norms, you can trust the Cummins CDG 100 Diesel Generator set to keep your operations running smoothly continuously.

Fuel Efficiency Cummins Generator set

In today’s fast running world, efficiency is a little big necessary thing. The Cummins CDG 100 Diesel Generator not only delivers extra ordinary output performance but also reduce the burden of fuel consumption. The advanced fuel injection systems of this Cummins generator reduce the fuel usage without splitting the difference on power output. This means in very simple that the lowest working expenses and reduced natural effects, making the genset a feasible and an ideal choice to powering your business.

Cummins Generators Built to Last

By Investing in a diesel generator is a long term commitment, and the Cummins CDG 100 Diesel Generator is worked to go the distance. Cummins CDG 100 diesel generator is manufactured with high quality materials and a skilled experienced engineering, every component of this diesel generator set is especially designed for sturdiness and dependability. From the tough steel enclosure which protects it from the components to the advanced cooling system that guarantees best output performance even in high temperature weather, every component of the CDG 100 is produced for long and trouble free life.

After sales support

At Soherwardia Engineering Corporation, our promise to customer satisfaction does not end with the sale of diesel generators. But when you choose and buy the Cummins CDG 100 Diesel Generator, you get access to our fully supported network which is understood the most best by our old customers. our team of experts is always ready to provide assistance and guidance in every matter of Cummins generators.

In today modern time where the reliability and performance are the necessity of time the Cummins CDG 100 Diesel generator is an example of these.

The unbeatable and unmatched performance, reliability, and unforgiving support makes Cummins generator is the 1st choice of industries, commercial and individual's power solution need.

Invest in Cummins CDG 100 Diesel Generator today and get reliable power for ages.

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