6HC Submersible Motors Pakistan

6HC Submersible Motors Pakistan

Welcome to our exclusive detailed guide on 6HC submersible motors Pakistan, This details brought to you by Soherwardia Solar Energy. If you are looking for dependable water transfer solutions for wells, ponds, lakes, or cisterns, you are on the right place. Now let us study the Features of this extra ordinary 6” water cool submersible motor features, the specifications, the water pumping applications and the best benefits.

6HC Series Submersible Motors

Soherwardia Solar Energy offer a wide range of deep well submersible pumps, ranging from 2'' to 10''. Among these, the 6HC submersible motors Pakistan stands out because of the energy efficiency, exceptional output performance and versatility. 6HC Submersible motors are specially designed and produced to meet wide range of water transfer requirements, 6HC Water Cooled Submersible motors are the best perfect for both Industrial and Agriculture water pumping applications.

The Main Features and Specifications

Design and Construction

The 6HC Submersible electric motors Pakistan are the built to handle the wells over φ150mm. They feature a strong and durable construction, with materials such like the AISI 304 stainless steel for the submersible electric motor external casing, making sure the durability and resistance to corrosion. The components of 6HC Electric submersible motors such as the top piece and bottom support are made from the cast iron ASTM N0.30, adding to the electric motor durability.


6 HC 6” Submersible electric motor are operating at a speed of 2850rpm, these 6” submersible motors gives efficient performance, making them the suitable for a vast range of water pumping applications. These submersible motors can handle the fluid temperatures of up to +35 Celsius, which guaranteeing the reliable operation even in the most challenging weather or harsh weather conditions. With an insulation class of F and a protection grade of IP 68, these submersible tubewell motors prioritize safety and reliability.

Versatility - 6HC Submersible Motors Pakistan

It is not the matter that you need 6 HC Submersible tubewell motor for water supply from the wells or reservoirs, solutions for domestic use, or motors for garden irrigation, the 6HC submersible motors has got you covered in all ways. The versatility 6HC Submersible motors makes them the best suitable for different kind of water applications, including civil and industrial settings.

Installation and Operation

Installing and operating 6HC submersible motors is very easy and simple, thanks to their user friendly design and compatibility with standard NEMA dimension standards. These 6 HC Submersible motors are available in both three phase (380-415V/50Hz) configurations. Options for direct start (1 cable) or star delta start (2 cables) increase their flexibility. Additionally, they can be equipped with start control boxes or digital auto control boxes for ease of operation.

Optional Features

For those with specific requirements, Soherwardia Solar Energy offers optional features that can be requested. These include special mechanical seals and compatibility with other voltages or frequencies, such as the 60Hz – the 60 Cycles.


The 6HC series submersible motors find application in various scenarios, including,

Water supply from wells or reservoirs

Domestic use, including homes and farms

Civil and industrial applications, such as construction sites and manufacturing facilities

Garden irrigation, ensuring lush and healthy landscapes

The 6HC series submersible electric motors provide a reliable, an efficient and versatile solution for water transfer or water lifting from the deep wells needs. With their strong and long life construction, the high performance, and the best fits user friendly slim design, these submersible electric motors are the perfect choice for a vast range of water pumping applications. It is not the big matter that you are a farmer, or industrial operator, you can trust the 6HC submersible motors Pakistan to deliver exceptional results, ensuring a steady supply of water whenever you need it.

Why wait, Invest in the 6HC series today and experience the difference it can make in your water transfer operations.


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