60 KW FPL Net metering


If you’re considering solar power for your home, the environmental benefits and long-term cost savings are good incentives.  However, if you dig deeper into solar energy, you might come across another neat advantage of using solar panels.

Meters allow homeowners to sell back the unused energy generated by their panels to the utility.   This can help offset the cost of installing solar panels and lower your monthly bills.

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60 KW FPL Net metering

60 KW FPL Net metering, If you're considering  solar  power for your home, the environmental benefits and long-term cost savings are  good incentives.  However, if you dig deeper into  solar energy, you might come across another neat benefit of using solar panels.

Meters allow homeowners  to sell back the unused energy generated by their panels to the utility.   This can help further offset the cost of installing solar panels and lower your monthly  bills.

Why Go Solar Net Metering?

Net Metering rules vary by state and local laws and company policies.  If your home is  in an exchange program area, you should be able to sell excess electricity to the utility  during periods of high solar demand. You can then receive a credit to use when you need power from the grid,

for example during the darker winter months when your solar array may not be covering all of your  electricity needs.

What is a net measure (Netmetering)?

Also known as Net Energy Metering (or NEM), Net Metering is how solar panel owners privately export excess energy to the  grid.  This can reduce the need for electricity from the  grid, extend the environmental benefits of solar energy to more people, and save the solar panel owner money.

Metering makes optimal use of unused solar energy. While solar cell batteries allow homeowners to store energy until needed, net metering allows the homeowner to share  energy with the community.  One of the misconceptions about spot metering is that you can get paid for your energy.

That's not quite the case: if you send electricity to a utility company,  you probably won't get paid by check.  Conversely, your electricity meter goes backwards when you feed electricity into the grid and forwards when you use electricity.  This translates into significantly lower, if any, electricity bills.

Netmetering Concept

Net Metering System in Pakistan is a relatively  new concept that is very beneficial for solar system owners. Since the country is blessed with abundant sunlight, solar panels generate more electricity than we need during the day. This excess electricity is useless unless you have a net metering compatible solar system  installed on your roof.

However, if you have such a facility, you can sell that extra amount of electricity to the grid and  earn electricity units on your monthly bill.  Net metering is a new but legal practice in the country since NEPRA enacted regulations on it a few years ago. Whether you are a residential or business customer, net metering is just as beneficial.

60 Kw Fpl Net Metering
60 Kw Fpl Net Metering

Solar Netmetering System

ModelChint 60KW
Output (ph)Tri Phase
Rated DC Power61500 W
MPPT Voltage Range580 - 850 VDC
Rated AC Power60000 W
Rated DC Voltage780 VDC
Max Efficiency98.8%
Dimensions595 x 820 x 238 (mm)

Installation Of the Solar System

The following guidelines explain  trends in utility and state  net metering efforts

We made it very simple for you.

The first and most important step is the installation of your Soherwardia Solar Energy Net metering compliant solar system.  Soherwardia Solar Energy  successfully serves all three sectors of residential, commercial and industrial customers.

We excel at providing small domestic systems as well as industrial systems from 1 kVA to several megawatts. Preparation of the software,

The 2d step starts off evolved with the software schooling in step with the rules of SRO 892 (1) 2015. This process is facilitated and simplified for our valued customers by supporting them in every step of the application preparation for a net solar  metering system. in Pakistan.  Inspection   and issue NOC:

Approval of the application leads to the  inspection phase, which is carried out by the Department of Energy. The electrical inspection team will inspect the system according to SRO 892(1)/2015 and LESCO SOP. Upon satisfactory inspection of the system, you will be issued with a NOC.   contract signature.

This significant step will be the signing of a three-year contract between the distributing generator (consumer) and IESCO. This will be a legal agreement that will allow you to export excess energy to the national grid.

Generation  license assignment:  The agreement signed between you and IESCO will be sent to NEPRA for a generation license. Once approved by the governing body, the legal agreement will enable it  to be an independent power producer for the next three years.

Net Meter Activation  The final step, but not least, is for IESCO to become the independent power generation authority. After successfully assigning the generation license, your grid counter will be unlocked and you can save and earn at the same time.   Free energy  from solar panels sounds good, but saving and earning through these panels is even better.  billing of own electricity and control With  Net Metering you can not only  produce electricity, but also  control  the billing process.

It regulates your billing and ensures the smartest and most efficient use of the photovoltaic solar  panels installed on your site.

60 Kw Fpl Net Metering

The Benefits of Net Metering

Net metering can save homeowners hundreds of dollars on their utility bills every year, so it's a good reason to make the money-saving choice and go solar sooner rather than later.

There's another benefit from net metering. Since your solar system is generating electricity near the point where it will be used, this reduces strain on the grid's distribution and transmission infrastructure and minimizes energy loss from sending voltage many miles from the nearest power plant.  While some claim that net metering represents an unfair burden on non-solar electricity customers, many net metering cost-benefit studies have found the opposite to be true.

Easy on the Wallet

For both residential and commercial use, net metering has a reasonable cost which is easy on your wallet. Considering its long-term benefits, net metering is a choice of smart solar users. Whenever you are going to select a solar system for home or office, net metering compliance must be in your mind.

Best Utilization of 20% to 40% Output

Through a net-metered compliant solar system, almost 20% to 40% power output goes to the grid. If there is no net metering, this much amount of energy can be lost without any productive use. That is why net metering is recommended to the solar system owners for bringing more ease to their lives. Such a high ratio will earn more units from the national grid to be balanced in your consumer bill.

Sell & Earn

Net-metering is a mechanism that allows you to supply the excess electricity to the national grid and sell it. None of the surplus energy you’re producing will go to waste if you have a net meter integrated into your solar panel system.

Burden Off The Grid

By empowering era close to the point of utilization, Net Metering likewise diminishes the strain on distribution frameworks and averts power losses in long-distance transmission and division of Power.

The net metering cost in Pakistan varies for users depending upon the type and size of the system. The price for industrial customers is higher than the price for residential customers because of the difference in the size of the projects. For residential customers, the net metering price in Pakistan depends upon two factors.

The price of the meter remains the same however, the price varies depending upon the documentation and process charges which are dependent upon the project size. Soherwardia Solar Energy helps you apply for net metering with ease and helps you get reasonable net metering rates in Pakistan.


Why Choose Us?

Best Solar Systems Supplier and installer in Pakistan Soherwardia Solar stepped into the market with the goal to revolutionize the energy sector. We have been working to achieve our goal with integrity, hard work, teamwork, and innovation.

Soherwardia Solar has been providing its’ customers with friendly service and personalized care. We know that what we do is as much about us as it is about you. At Soherwardia Solar, we take the work we do and the environmental impact we make with our customers very seriously, but this doesn’t mean that we don’t have fun along the way.

Soherwardia Solar Power is committed to excellence in the solar industry. We provide cost-effective solutions and professional services for all of your solar needs.


Deciding on choosing the right company for solar system installation is not an easy job, however, you should look for the following qualities when searching for reliable service.

How Do They Handle Matters?

It is easy to judge a company by how they handle all the matters and run its processes. They should be working in a fashion to provide you comfort and take all the responsibilities. We handle all the processes from net metering applications to the installation of an On-Grid solar inverter, so you just sit back, relax, and see things happen.

Market Reputation

The past accomplishments of a brand are a good scale to measure their performance, as most companies work on the principles they started with. We have 14% of shares in total kilowatts net-metered all over Pakistan.

Happy Clients

Happy clients are proof of how reliable a service is and by the grace of Almighty Allah Alkareem, we have a huge number of happy clients which has led us to expand our services to 12 cities. Feel free and without any hesitation, please call or what’s app us (+92 307 5359 344 or email (


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