6 KW Plus Tesla Home Solar


6 KW Plus Tesla Home Solar, The use of Tesla solar systems in the residential sector of the country is trending nowadays. Tesla Home Solar Systems, As the most suitable and renewable energy alternative, these residential solutions bring many benefits to them their owner.

Advantages of Tesla Home Solar System

  • Renewable Energy Source
  • Reduces Electricity Bills
  • Diverse Applications (Also No Load Shedding With Storage System)
  • Low Maintenance Costs
  • Technology Development

Solar energy is sustainable, renewable, and plentiful. As the cost of using solar to produce electricity goes down each year, many Pakistanis and Worldwide People are increasingly switching to solar. Now, there are over a million solar installations across the country.

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6 KW Plus Tesla Home Solar

Tesla Solar Home System, The use of Tesla solar systems in the residential sector of the country is trending nowadays. Tesla Home Solar Systems, As the most suitable and renewable energy alternative, these residential solutions bring many benefits to them their owner.

The electricity price hike is common after certain intervals which are adversely affecting this sector at large.

Power Outage

Moreover, we are still at risk of power outages, especially in the long summer which worsens the situation further. In the wake of the aforementioned scenario, residential solar solutions in Pakistan are the best to replace conventional energy and decrease grid dependency.

Soherwardia Solar Home Systems

Residential solar systems of different capacities are available in the market to comply with the varied needs of the customers. Soherwardia Solar Energy is the most reliable Solar Solutions provider and a preferred choice of customers for the residential solar power system.

Customized Solar Solution for Home

Tesla Solar Home System, Not every home has the same needs or energy consumption and it varies to a great extent. Tesla Solar, Some use less electricity and are very conscious of electricity bills and energy conservation. Their use is less when compared to a household that utilizes electricity (Tesla Solar Home System) as much as they can, without worrying about the bills or anything.

Similarly, small houses with a smaller number of people do not use a lot of electricity while a bigger house even with the same, more or fewer people will consume more electricity. Tesla Solar, Tesla home solar system, Tesla home solar, Tesla solar

Tesla Solar Panels Features

Produce Your Own Renewable Energy Source With Soherwardia Solar Panels Installed on Your Roof

Solar power technology has advanced at a rapid rate over the last 50 years, which makes now the best time to go solar for your home, business or industry! Solar energy creates clean, renewable power from the sun and helps the environment, and those are just a few benefits of solar panels you will enjoy every year after making an investment.

As part of the advantages of solar energy, you will heavily reduce your carbon footprint at home and abroad, reducing greenhouse gases around the globe and making a positive environmental impact. Stay ahead of the curve with the popular solar trend and save time and money with a team that makes it simple

6 Kw Plus Tesla Home Solar

Hybrid Solar Energy System

Soherwardia Solar Energy follows the customized approach for clients and offers Solar Solutions as per their requirements maintaining high quality and standards so that the clients pay only for the systems that fit their needs the best and they don’t have to spend even a dime on anything extra unless that’s what they want.

Soherwardia Solar Energy’s residential solar solutions are designed to deliver excellent performance even in hostile weather conditions. Durable and reliable, these turnkey solar systems are affordable and cut your energy costs. The company offers a range of readily available Tesla Solar Hybrid Systems for homes in different capacities.

Tesla Solar Home Energy Systems

We also provide these solutions in more than 33 cities, with Or Without a net metering facility. With us, all you have to do is to give us a call, tell us what you want, and then it’s as easy as falling asleep after a tiring day.

We will handle all the matters including net metering application, documentation, installation of the systems, and its working as well. We do not finish our relationship with our clients after installing their system, we also provide excellent after-sales support and maintenance services just a call away.

Tesla Solar Home System only installs equipment that meets our performance, aesthetic, reliability, and value standards. All equipment is backed by a comprehensive, manufacturer’s warranty.

6 Kw Plus Tesla Home Solar

Tesla Solar Inverter

ModelInfini VIII 6KW
PHASE1-Phase in / 1-Phase out
Maximum PV Input Power7000 W
Rated Output Power6000 W
ModeOn-Grid / Off- Grid
Battery Less OperationYes
Touch Screen LCD HMI-

Why Go Solar?

Tesla Solar panels can save you money by using space on your roof to produce sustainable energy right from your home. Tesla solar panels have a low-profile design and no visible mounting hardware. You can expect the following benefits from going solar

Money Saving

Homes with solar panels rely less on the grid by capturing energy directly from the sun. Homeowners can offset their energy usage with solar panels and reduce their energy bills. By installing a solar panel system, you can take control of your energy usage and lower your costs.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Electricity from the grid is generated by a mix of coal, natural gas, nuclear, and some renewable energy depending on where you live. Solar gives you a choice in where your energy comes from. By switching to solar, you will be reducing your carbon emissions and the environmental impact of energy use.

Protect Yourself from Rising Electricity Rates

Electricity rates continue to increase over time – since 1970 the price of electricity has increased over 3% per year on average. In contrast, energy from your solar system has a fixed price. With solar, you won’t have to worry about how the price of your electricity will change in the future.

Increase Your Home Value

Purchasing and installing solar is an investment that increases the value of your home. Studies have shown that homes with solar are more appealing to homebuyers and sell both faster and at a premium price compared to homes without solar.

Secure Your Home from Outages

While solar alone does not function during a power outage, pairing your solar panels with a Storage Bank allows you to recharge with sunlight and keep your appliances running even when the grid goes down. Tesla Solar Batteries are designed to integrate with solar panels and can store energy generated during the day, for use at night, or during unexpected outages and grid shut-offs.

6 Kw Plus Tesla Home Solar

Why choose us?

Tesla Solar Panels, Soherwardia Solar stepped into the market with the goal to revolutionize the energy sector. We have been working to achieve our goal with integrity, hard work, teamwork, and innovation. Deciding on choosing the right company for solar system installation is not an easy job, however, you should look for the following qualities when searching for reliable service.

How Do They Handle Matters?

It is easy to judge a company by how they handle all the matters and run its processes. They should be working in a fashion to provide you comfort and take all the responsibilities. We handle all the processes from net metering applications to the installation of an On-Grid solar inverter so you just sit back, relax, and see things happen.

Market Reputation

The past accomplishments of a brand are a good scale to measure their performance as most companies work on the principles they started with. We have 14% of shares in total kilowatts net-metered all over Pakistan.

Happy Clients

Happy clients are proof of how reliable a service is and by the grace of Almighty Allah Alkareem, we have a huge number of happy clients which has led us to expand our services to 12 cities.

Get a Free Quote

What are you still waiting for? Do you still have any questions or ambiguities? Don’t worry, call or reach out to us via email and our consultant will provide you with all the required information regarding solar system installation. You can also get a free quote about the charges you will need to pay to get a solar system that fits your requirements.

Feel Free (No Hesitation)

Feel free and without any hesitation please call or what’s app us at (+92 313 5952377) or email us at

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