4SDM2-8 Doyin Submersible Pump Price Pakistan


Explore the extensive range of deep well submersible pumps with the Doyin Submersible Pump 4SDM2-8 series by Dongyin Pump. Ranging from 2″ to 10″ in size, these pumps are meticulously crafted for the efficient movement of water from wells, ponds, lakes, or cisterns.

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4SDM2-8 Doyin Submersible Pump Price, The 4SDM2-8 Series Doyin submersible pump has a diameter of 4 inches, making it highly suitable for boreholes with diameters larger than 4 inches. Specifically designed for the water pumping needs of households, the Doyin 4SDM series submersible pump is exceptionally efficient.

4SDM2-8 Doyin Submersible Pump Price Pakistan

Many homes have wells or boreholes where a submersible pump is required, and for extracting water from greater depths and delivering it to tanks on rooftops, the Doyin submersible water pump is an excellent choice. The 4SDM2-8 Doyin submersible pump can also be used for extracting water from ponds and lakes in smaller quantities.

Technical Parameters 50 Hz

Model: 4SDM2-8 Doyin Pump

Voltage: Single Phase - 220 VAC

Motor: 0.37 kw - 0.5 HP

Min.Max Flow: 25 - 40 l/min

Head (H): 52 - 42 Meters

Frequency: 50 Hz

Control Box: Available



Versatile Applications of 4SDM2-8 DoyinSubmersible Pumps:

Sprinkler Lawn Irrigation: Doyin 4SDM2 water pump excels in providing efficient water distribution, maintaining lush landscapes.

Elevated and Cistern Tank Filling: Ensuring a reliable supply of tank water.

Water Fountains: Doyin Submersible Pump offers reliable performance for spellbinding water shows.

Crop Irrigation: To cultivate at a small scale is extremely important

Doyin Submersible Pump 4SDM2-8 by Dongyin Pump is renowned for its commitment to producing high-quality submersible pumps. An excellent choice for boreholes with a diameter larger than 4 inches and up to 6 inches. Dongyin's production capacity for 4SDM2 deep well submersible pumps exceeds 15,000 units daily, showcasing dedication to innovation and manufacturing excellence, holding the largest market share globally.

Unrivaled Production Capacity:

Maximum Fluid Temperature up to +35°C: Efficiently operates in high-temperature environments.

Maximum Sand Content: 0.25%: The Doyin Submersible Pump also operates efficiently in areas where there is an expectation of some sand along with water

Minimum Well Diameter: 4": Remember, the 4SDM2-8 Doyin Submersible Pump is designed for boreholes with a diameter larger than 4 inches, ensuring excellent and high performance in the desired borehole diameter.

Doyin Submersible Motor Features:

Rewindable Motor: Easy maintenance and repair, extending the motor's lifespan.

Single-phase: 220-240V/50Hz: It maintains compatibility with a wide range of electrical voltages

Equipped with Start Control Box or Digital Auto-Control Box: Enables precise control and monitoring.

The Doyin Submersible Pump 4SDM2-8, due to its innovation, durability, and international certification, stands out with a remarkable and exceptional performance compared to any other brand of submersible water pumps. Its fеaturеs includе a casin’ strеssеd dеsign and NEMA dimеnsion standards and an’ a spеcial sеal for a dееp wеll (Graphitе Cеramic) for lеak frее opеration.

Why should we choose the Doyin Submersible Pump?

Professional Advantage: Specializes in submersible pump research and manufacturing.

  • Price Advantage:

Firstly, the Doyin submersible pump, which boasts of exceptionally high quality and innovation, is available at a very affordable price

Self-made parts and materials procurement discounts.

Fully automatic production reduces costs.

  • Quality Advantage:

Over 30 years of manufacturing experience.

Adaptability to different environmental conditions.

Fully automatic production ensures product consistency and reliability.

  • Cooperative Advantage:

Prefers partnerships with reputable companies.

Competitive prices and reliable product quality.

Aims to maximize market share and control the market.

If you are in search of a superior submersible pump, pause right here. Your search ends, as the Doyin submersible pump is the best choice in the world of water pumps. With its modern technology, excellent design, and high-quality materials, ensures you the Doyin submersible pump leads the world of submersible water pumps, catering to your water needs for a long lifespan.

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