100QJD3-06 JD Submersible Pump


100QJD3-06 JD Submersible Pump, the JD submersible well pumps are the essential part for efficiently managing water pumping systems, especially for home water pumping systems. Jiadi pump is offering a range of water pumping solutions especially for home water pumping and for the industries.

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What we offer at Soherwardia Solar Energy

100QJD3-06 JD Submersible Pump, At Soherwardia solar energy, we offer best prices for JD submersible pump in Pakistan. We also take pride in offering high class JD submersible pump produced with modern technology, ensuring you the excellent performance, reliability and durability for your home water pumping system and as per your needs.

JD Submersible Well Pump

An Over View of 100QJD3-06 JD Submersible Pump

Basic Product Features

JD 100QJD3-06 submersible pump are especially designed and produced according to your pumping systems requirements. These JD pumps are giving you completely peace of mind and meet with your specific needs of pumping systems. Their long operational and trouble free life ensure you that JD Pump is the best among the best in Home Water Pumping systems.

Power (kw)0.55
Power (HP)0.75
Voltage - Frequency220 VAC - 50 Hz
OutletG 1 1/4" - 1 1/2"
Head (H) Max43m
Flow (Q) Max5.8 m3/hr

100QJD3-06 JD Submersible pump

JD Submersible Motor Pumps are designed for deep wells measuring 4 Inches (100mm). The compliance with standards, sized for easy motor connection following industry standards. These pumps are having built in valve which ensures smooth water delivery with a non-return valve. Their impeller design is like features a floating radial impeller for reliable operation, even in sandy water conditions.

JD 100QJD Submersible Pump Spare Parts Details

JD Pumps are built to last, with spare parts especially designed to enhance durability of water pump. JD submersible pumps are equipped with food grade oil lubricated 4” JD submersible motor. Which ensures a long trouble free operational life to the pumping system.

It’s plastic impellers can stand with high flow rates and pressure, these are protected by the impeller case/diffuser. It’s mechanical seal prevents oil leaks, and ensuring you the safety of your well and motor against water and sand.

Overall Efficiency of 100QJD3 Bore well Pumps

Type – Submersible Pump

Flow Rate (Q) – up to 5.8 m3/hr

Pumping head (H) – up to 173m

Power KW – 0.55 to 2.2

100QJD3-06 JD Submersible pump is suitable,

Home water pumping, small irrigation water pumping, ground water pumping, pressure boosting, small scale water supply, garden water pumping and others.

100QJD-06 JD Submersible pump well pump offer the extra ordinary output performance efficiency along with long life operational life. If you are looking to improve your small irrigation systems, or want to manage ground water levels, or want to boost water pressure, than forget the worries, JD Submersible pumps are designed to exceed your expectations. Trust Soherwardia Solar Energy for all your submersible pump needs and experience high quality pump in water management.

100QJD3-06 JD Submersible Pump

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